Encrypted life-a complete privacy solution

21 Jan 2023

The Internet privacy problem is already very serious. But now physical characteristics, such as fingerprints, and human faces have been widely used in the financial sector. The leakage of communication data directly interferes with our lives and we have to accept endless advertisements. More serious are some rumors. But if physical characteristics are widely leaked, our property is unsafe. The encrypted life still looks far away from us.

Encrypted communication

The most direct thing in encrypted life is the encryption of communication. I talk to you, only we both know. Before the Internet, this was a basic way of life and a rule everyone followed by default. But when the Internet came, we all talked about the big brother staring. Most of our services on the Internet now exist on the server, and our communication behavior is basically transparent to the server. Our data breach is basically done by these servers. The safer way of data is end-to-end encrypted communication. Telegram has an end-to-end communication mode but i don't know why, end-to-end communication has not been popular. In fact, I haven't used it very much. End-to-end encryption is often only suitable for our chat communication. There are also a lot of Internet activities that require us to actively deliver private data to the server. For example, when it comes to payment, users must submit identity information. If you need to further solve the privacy problem, you need to find a way to make the payment encrypted.


Encrypted digital currency allows payment behavior to be encrypted as well as communication behavior. Our current mainstream payment behaviors on the Internet are all based on centralized service organizations such as banks and Paypal, stripe etc . Whatever you buy with crypto-currency, you can do payment behavior without banks knowing that only you and I know. End-to-end encrypted communication is to let talk, only you and I know, do not need to let the server know; But even end-to-end encrypted communications can't be popular, and cryptocurrency payments are even less important.We need a strategy to realize the life of encryption, a strategy that can ensure the advantages of the existing server, while allowing the server not to disclose our privacy. Imagine if I communicate with you, I don’t want you to know who I am? This is the desensitization of identity data.

Identity data desensitization

In fact, the current payment behavior of encrypted digital currency is completely desensitization of identity data. The payer and the payee who use encrypted digital currency are simply the identity of a person, but two strings of random numbers, called public keys. Of course it must be the OnChain wallet, not the offChain wallet.
Encrypted communication, encrypted payment, and data identity desensitization are no longer obstacles in technology. It seems that it is difficult to achieve profits in business, so it cannot be rolled out on a large scale, and can only exist in a very small crowd.

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