Golden silence

14 Feb 2023

Instead of being entertained by your discourse, I feel sustained by the way you look at me.
It's the way your lips are curved and how your hair is curled.
It's the tiny things that cause me to pause and look.

It wasn't your intelligence that drew me to you, and it wasn't your sense of humor that turned me upside down.
It's the way your hand feels and what's going through your mind.
It's the tiny things, all of them.
The things that are not spoken of

It's not your interesting past.
I've fallen in love because of that.
It is your gentle demeanor and the way you smile at me, not your understanding of the world or what lies above.
I want to see because of all the little things.

I don't want to know more during our conversation.
It is not while you are teaching me that I find out what I'm seeking for; rather, it is during the time we spend together in silence.
It's all the tiny things coming together to build a powerful alliance.

Your actual commitment is not evident in the work you put so much effort into.
It's not your bizarre behaviors that make me feel so fulfilled.
It's the way you hold things and how you picked me.
It's the tiny things, all of them.
I know silence is wonderful because.

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