How to prevent influenza and avoid cross infection? Use these 5 tricks

14 Feb 2023

Unlike the common cold, influenza is an acute respiratory infectious disease, usually caused by influenza viruses. Most patients have obvious symptoms of chills, fever, fatigue, loss of appetite, sore throat and other general symptoms. If they are not treated in time or the body’s immunity is low, they can easily develop into viral pneumonia, myocarditis, respiratory failure, etc., the critical condition will threaten the patient's life.

In addition, influenza viruses are mostly single-stranded RNA with strong variability and infectivity, which can easily lead to a population pandemic, which will have adverse effects on society . Therefore, in order to reduce influenza epidemics and prevent influenza and its complications, it is necessary to master relevant medical knowledge, and clarify how to prevent influenza correctly and avoid cross-infection.

Here are some common ways to prevent influenza and avoid cross-infection.

First, get the flu vaccine

Vaccination against influenza virus is a very safe and effective way to prevent influenza. Especially for children and the elderly with weaker body resistance, annual influenza vaccination can better prevent influenza, reduce the incidence of chronic diseases such as chronic bronchitis, and have a certain effect on influenza prevention and treatment.

However, it should be noted that pregnant women suffering from acute infectious diseases, allergies, and early pregnancy are not recommended to receive influenza vaccination, and other measures need to be taken to prevent influenza.

Second, pay attention to personal hygiene

Influenza viruses are spread mainly through droplets and contact. In response to this characteristic of transmission, it is required to wash hands frequently, clean and disinfect the room regularly, and during periods of high cold incidence such as autumn and winter, try to avoid crowded public places and wear protective masks. Only by developing good hygiene habits can you better protect yourself and reduce the chance of influenza virus infection.

Third, open windows frequently for ventilation

In the hot summer, many families use air conditioners and rarely open windows for ventilation. This will easily affect the indoor air quality and increase the density of bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms, leading to cross-infection. Therefore, open windows for ventilation, usually three times a day, every 15 minutes.

Fourth, comprehensive and balanced nutrition

Only by paying attention to a comprehensive and balanced daily diet and reasonable nutrition can give you a healthy body, increase your resistance, and prevent the occurrence of various diseases such as influenza. It is generally recommended that the daily diet of normal people should include fruits and vegetables, fish or meat, eggs and milk as much as possible.

Fifth, active treatment and correct isolation

If you have flu symptoms such as cough, fever, chills, and body aches, you should go to the clinic or hospital for examination and treatment. The correct approach is to take effective antiviral drugs under the guidance of a doctor, and during the treatment period, try to avoid public places such as shopping malls and schools, and stay at home as much as possible to prevent transmission to other people.

The above are common methods to prevent influenza and reduce cross-infection. During the flu epidemic, it is necessary to develop good hygiene habits, exercise frequently, wash hands frequently.

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