24 Aug 2022

                To be healthy is to live. It is because health is very important to all manner of people- child,man, woman,the young and oil; that health journalism is attracting the interest of media professionals and the attention of journalism scholars. However, because medical and health issues are technical,complex,yet interesting and perplexing, higher skills in both the theory and practice of health reporting are urgently required in the profession.
                    A cursory examination of the media of mass communication - television, radio, newspapers, magazines and the internet does show several areas it need. It does appear that there is an insufficiency of journalists who are knowledgeable about current health issues. Secondly, it may also be true that adequate attention or coverage has yet to be given to burning health problems plaguing the population. Thirdly, it would be necessary to ask: are health issues covered in sufficient breadth and depth so that readers, viewers,and listeners can thoroughly grasp the dimensions, and implications of the problems and thus be in positions to make informed decisions and choices? Lastly, a shirt exposure to health messages both in print and the electronic media may indicate the use of language that is hardly simple and clear to lay readers, viewers or listeners.

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