Anger & Weather

13 Sept 2022

Do you know what is the effect of temperature, heat and cold on the mind of people. Due to excessive heat, anger and hatred increases among people.

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There is a lot of anger, is the weather to blame somewhere? Amazing revelations in the study

Did you know that heat and temperature are related to your mind and behavior? This year in India, the heat is getting longer as well as being stretched for more days. In the summer season, the effect of strong sunlight, high temperature affects our health as well as our brain. Studies show that due to high temperature, our body has trouble in maintaining its own temperature. Too much heat or cold, both fill you with more anger and hatred. A research suggests that we are in the best mood in 12 to 21 degrees Celsius. In such a temperature, we also get less angry.

The Lancet Planetary Health has studied the behavior of people living in 773 cities of America. In this study it has been found that anger increases inside a person when it is too hot or too cold. If they are unable to express anger or hatred with them, then they express that anger through online mode.

The team of The Lancet Planetary Health scoured 400 million tweets made in the US in the 6 years from May 2014 to May 2020. Created an algorithm with the help of AI (Artificial Intelligence), which used to identify hate speech. In this, they found that 7 crore 50 lakh tweets were related to hate speech, that is, they come in 2% of the total tweets. The team also investigated which tweets were made with what kind of surrounds and what was the weather like there that day. Where the temperature was 15 to 18 degree Celsius, there were a little more hate speech tweets. Living in a temperature of -5 ° C, there were tweets containing 12.5% ​​more hate speech than others. In desert areas where the temperature is found to be close to 42 to 45 degree Celsius, there was an increase of up to 22% in tweets containing hate speech.

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In this season when the temperature has started rising, it may be that the atmosphere of your home or office has become quite hot too! Research also believes that rising mercury increases anger.
south coast surfer
One thing I’ve learned, you can never change the weather… it’s going to happen whether you want it to or not - just chill out