12 Jan 2023

What will I write today?

Heaven. She was the prettiest I had ever seen. She had the most beautiful smile, pretty eyes, and an amazing aura. I saw her at this same spot I stand, seven years ago. I remember the first time I saw her buy a star bucks coffee, and I was right across the street, taking photos of some random events.

I remember her name so easily because she was warm and inviting when I stepped up to speak with her for the first time. She wasn't like all the other girls I encountered, she was warm, she was friendly, and without a ring, on that finger, I figured I may have a chance.


That was what I felt when I met her on our first date. I had never clicked with anyone so much with ease and laughed without stress. It didn't stop after five dates, but ten years down the line we have been married, I feel like I'm somewhere Unreal, Perfect.


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