Good Health

14 Jul 2022

Sometimes we tend to underrate good health.
It is only when we are ill we get to understand how priceless and awesome good health is.
Most people just go about with their daily activities without even caring to know their health status.
It is rampant in Africa due to lack of basic medical services and as a result people just don’t take their health serious as they should.
Each time I visit the hospital and see the number of persons with different kinds of illness, I just thank God for good health. It is sad that most of them don’t make it out alive even after all the pains and suffering.
At this point you’ll tend to place high value on your health. Without good health there’s no way you can maximize your full potential in life. It is too paramount.
A popular saying that “Health is Wealth” is indeed true. With good health you can achieve a lot but without it , you can’t.
So let’s try as much as possible to live a healthy life. Peace ! 

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