2 Mar 2023

Moving around the streets , endlessly
looking for frustrated shameless men,
making it a job for their lives and beings
to wreak havocs in people lives
and break homes, once United homes!

they go about the lonely streets,
with diseased and rotten lips,
covered beautifully in colored lipsticks
kissing their scapegoats, in form of men
with unbrushed and smelling mouth!

with the world’s deadliest diseases
some pathetic idiots still lie on them.
what type of men sleep with them?
because not for anything at all,
prestigious men don’t pay for sex!

in a twinkle of an eye , so it is.
their big bellies protrude like balloons
ready to abort innocent lives, with ease!
or external second wives by the gutters!
oh! What a parasite to shameless men.

I thank God for men of honor ;
who walk in the golden path of purity
and seat with olives around their table.
they are the men we celebrate,
Apostles of pride and Grace!

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