1 Nov 2022

When I said 'I have a girlfriend', everyone in the house was surprised. Everyone means Ms. Madhuri and Apatye to Madhav and Madhavi. But I was not at all surprised that they felt that way. Because I am a very simple person. Right in front of the nose. One who does not look here and there, who stays four cubits away from women. Even if for some reason there is an opportunity to talk to a woman, then the one who talks with his neck down. So he never thought that his father would do such a thing. As soon as I heard this sentence, Madhavi gave birth to child number two - first T. V turned it off and asked me back with a little scream

"What?... What did you say?... Dad, do you have a girlfriend too?"

"Yes... there is... what's so surprising about that

Is it?" Me.

"It's not... but how does it feel to have a girlfriend for a guy your age and you've never said..."

β€œWhat's there to talk about? Like you have a boyfriend, I have a girlfriend. Madhav was looking at me with a smile.

"First shut up... are you looking at me?... look at the animal in the queen's garden


He opened his mouth again, pretending to disappear for a moment

"But Dad, it doesn't suit your age. What will people say?" I asked smiling and staring at him

"What book says that a 55-year-old man 'shouldn't have a girlfriend?' Where does age come into question? This is his personal question. Can you tell when someone will fall in love with someone? Bill Clinton and Charles of England also have girlfriends...

Madhav and Madhavi fell silent with this eloquence of mine. They didn't know what to say next. Both started looking at each other. Then Madhavi looked at her mother and said -

"Have you seen this magnificence of mother and father? Now you decide what to do..." for so long Mrs. It was silent. I mean, it was a bit strange for me.

"Oh honey, it is said that when a person gets old, especially a man, they become old? That's why they have wisdom. What else? At least they should have remembered their family, their customs. Now you tell me. We have a face in the society, in the relatives. Do you have a place to show?" "And where is there even room to hide your mouth?" I

Even more annoyed.

"See, how brazenly you say it? Don't you see the world that runs like gold? WhatAvadsa Athawali does not know how to have a girlfriend at this age. They don't know that it takes luck to get a wife like me."

"That's what I'm saying. Having a wife like you is destiny." Mrs. His face turned red with anger. Faced with eating or swallowing, she went to the kitchen. Madhav and Madhavi's faces were covered with eights. He seemed to hate me. Both looked at me with burning eyes and followed mother inside.

In fact, they were not wrong at all. Because the word 'girlfriend' is such that as soon as it is uttered, a young girl of 19/20 years stands in front of everyone's eyes. The one who goes to college, wears different types of clothes, deliberately brings a bun of hair on her forehead and chats freely with children of her own age with a book-book on her chest. I was looking for such a girlfriend. But then my bad luck got in the way. Didn't even get a simple friend, let alone a girlfriend. There was an occasion to talk to a girl once in a gathering. I had rehearsed in detail how to talk to her then. The basic nature of staying away from women from the beginning. Then there was marriage and it changed a little due to the departure of relatives. But not much. Even now Haldikunkwala goes to the kitchen when his wives come. What's more, I still haven't seen our maid properly. He avoids any bypass work in the office as much as possible.

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