Why Jack Dorsey and TBH announced Web5???

5 Jul 2022

Jack Dorsey is ex- CEO of Social Media or mini- blog platform Twitter.  He is now in the company The Blockhead in short TBH. In few weeks ago ,they announced Web5 based decentralised network which obviously raised us many questions and made us thinking what's new is coming . It eventually surprised us that web3 is yet in early phase and most of the world is only access to Web2 only. Let's talk on this: 

1. He thinks that currently web3 platforms are  partially decentralised and mostly controlled by Venture Capitalist ( VCs) and strong community .

2. There are many web3 based projects with their own tokens so he thoughts of making of web5 with Bitcoin only and there will be no altcoins in Web5.

3. His web5 will provide us the overall experience of Web3 as well as web2. 

4. Since as he said there will be fully decentralised network With Bitcoin lightening network ,there will no tokens of this company too.

5. In Web5 ,there will be no places for centralized exchange.

But in last ,we can clearly see that this is just his and his company plans to create hype of their upcoming projects. This will be same sort of web3 platforms but what's different will be that this project will focus on Bitcoin and lightening network only .

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It actually resembles to web3.0 with some certain changes.