If you've got plans to excel in the Web 3 space this is for you.

2 Jan 2023

Guess what? You are still in 2022.
Why? Okay, read on....
This is a new future for us all and nobody is certain about anything in Web3.
But I am convinced about one thing, the one who puts in Effort Consistently will see results.
The Cryptocurrency market is here to stay and is going no where whether you like it or not.
To be Specific… #WEB3 IS HERE TO STAY.
So it’s either you stay with it now or you come back to it later.
But now that you are here, you need to make the absolute most of it.
So, you are still in 2022 if...
- you don’t realize that the bear will be here for a while.
- you don’t think about how to grow in web3.
- you are still waiting to be spoon fed everything you need.
- you don’t want to make life changing money.
It’s 2023 now and you need to think differently,
How do you do that, Right?
The Goal will be to make money? And make it fast? To Build Connections and Grow?
Find your Niche, decide which part of web3 you want to focus on.
Defi, NFts, jobs, airdrop, trading etc.
Learn how to be better in that niche.
Follow Active People in that niche and Remember to Join a community, and make friends in the space.
Be Active, I repeat be intentionally Active because that will determine how well you will grow in 2023.
Always look out for opportunities, work Smart, and ask questions.
I am ready for 2023 but are you? If yes, then let’s do this together 🙏
🥂to the New year.
Reference: https://twitter.com/lollic6363/status/1609570241390022657?t=IZXgZIBanR4cA0PBtuF6uw&s=19

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