The Coolest Water Parks Around the World

1 Jun 2022

Siam Park, Spain
It’s easy to see why this park was voted best water park in the world by TripAdvisor. There’s something for everyone as the attractions are divided into three themes: relax, family and adrenaline. Located in the beautiful Canary Islands, this is a bucket list stop if you’re vacationing in SpainThe new waterpark at Universal Studios Orlando is a game changer with TapuTapu wristband technology that holds your place in line. No more waiting. No more lugging around bulky tubes. With less time to wait, you get more time to enjoy the park, from the private cabanas to the massive Waturi Beach pool to the resort's tiki bars. Don't miss the tropical-inspired eats at Kohola Reef. The veggie burger is hands down some of the best theme park food this writer has ever had.One of the best parts of this water park is the theme. Designed as a former ski resort that melted, the park features fun winter-meets-summer details like a ski lift, floating icebergs and appearances by Frozen characters, such as the loveable snowman Olaf. Daredevils shouldn’t miss Mount Gushmore, one of the tallest and fastest waterslides in the world..

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