the Big Bang

24 Feb 2023

Very recent news .
The James Webb telescope has discovered galaxies that cannot exist in current cosmological theory.

The new images recorded six supermassive galaxies that formed 500-700 million years after the Big Bang, which is a very early time frame.

It is too early to rewrite the textbooks - astronomers have yet to verify all the findings.

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The use of prisoners in Washington as test subjects from 1963 to 1973

An experiment was conducted on them to test the effects of radiation on the testicles.

For the possibility of parole, 130 prisoners participated in the experiment. They were exposed to over 400 rads of radiation (the equivalent of 2,400 fluorographs) at 10-minute intervals.

They later learned that the experiments were far more dangerous than they had been told.

The Yonaguni Underwater Pyramids in Japan

Japan is a country of mysteries. These underwater pyramids, discovered in 1985 near the western Japanese island of Yonaguni, have become another mystery for modern archaeologists.

Who built these megaliths and when? Why were they submerged under water? But not only this caused and causes disputes among scientists. Till now there is no consensus: are these formations man-made or are they the fruit of natural phenomena. The smooth stepped terraces are located at a depth of 25 meters.

It all seems very strange, as there are a decent number of pyramids in the world, both reproduced by nature itself and made "allegedly" by human hands

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Scientists have begun to study a mysterious island that rotates on its axis Near Buenos Aires is the Parana River. In its delta was discovered unique floating island, which rotates around its axis. Scientists say that this floating mini island was formed during the last year. Previously nothing of this kind had been observed at this place. The floating island in Argentina is a unique natural phenomenon, which has caused a lot of controversy. Experts cannot find a scientific explanation how a separate piece of land, which rotates around itself, formed on an ordinary area in just one year. However, representatives of the world conspiracy have already found the explanation as usual. They believe that under this island lurks the base of representatives of extraterrestrial intelligence. In their opinion, the island moves because of the constant operation of the alien structure's engines.
Dave Ating
Wow these are important findings, thanks for sharing. But as a scientist, big bang is one of the theories I don't support and I believe with advancement in technology, it will be disproved in no time