Are Cryptocurrency Websites Still Worth the Time?

9 Dec 2023

It has been a while since I wrote about Cryptocurrency faucets and earnings websites. It is hard to find ones that last the test of time and are worth sharing about. I have written about some earning websites in previous articles, but a good number of these websites shut down or just stop paying altogether. One website in particle I wrote about that has stopped paying is called CryptoWin. This was a high paying faucet and paid out quickly. One day things started to look a little shady to me. They started offering a high staking option. When a faucet out of nowhere gives you the option to stake with a high minimum it kind of makes me feel like something is happening to this website. This threw up so many red flags for me, it was not funny. Then they upped the withdrawal amount. I had a feeling this faucet was coming to its last days and collecting as much Crypto as they could before disappearing. 
Now do not get me wrong there are a good amount of earning websites worth checking out such as Cointiply, CoinPayU, Global Hive, and a couple more. These are all websites that pay out and have decent rewards, but you need to be careful how you use some of these websites.  
A good number of people think you are safe when surfing the web. This could not be farther from the truth. Even though it is rare, you can get viruses on unknown websites. I am not trying to scare anyone from using earning websites, I am trying to help people stay vigilant and secure. 

Yes, it's entirely possible to get infected by simply visiting a website. Most commonly via what we call "Exploit Kits". Right now, EK are used to deliver a lot of dangerous malware (such as banking trojans and Cryptoware) to computers worldwide. So using a standard Antivirus and Antimalware won't cut it. - Source 


 This article is going to be about a couple of websites/apps I have used over the last couple of years that have lasted the test of time and have helped bolster my earnings. Keep reading to find my favorite earning websites and the pros and cons of using earning websites and apps in 2023 and going into 2024. A couple of extra steps to keep your info more secure when using them, and how much you can earn from these websites. I also want to remind you that these earning opportunities are not going to get you rich. They will help you accumulate Crypto without having to invest though. If you are like me then investing is not an option. The reason I use websites like these is because I know the importance of this technology. I know that this technology is going to change everything. Without these websites I would not have any Crypto to trade. These websites and other websites I have written about have allowed me to be a part of this new market. It has not been all peaches and cream though. I have come across some websites that have infected my computer and created all sorts of chaos for me. This is what started my writing career. I wanted to share the platforms I found to be helpful, so people do not run into the same problems I ran into. While also helping me earn a little more through referral clicks.  

Are Earning Websites Still Worth The Time? 

I have been using earning websites and apps for years. I have seen huge websites crash and burn and I have also seen websites just disappear. I have seen websites that pay a good amount but end up bringing you to malicious or dangerous websites. You must be extremely careful what websites you use and what information you share. There are still a couple of websites and apps that are worth the time though (of course this is just my opinion). I am going to go over a couple of earning sites I have found to still be useful. 
I know what a good number of people are going to say though. These do not pay enough, and they are not worth the time. I do agree that a good amount of these websites do not pay enough but I am not so sure about being a waste of time. When you do not have money to invest then websites like the ones, I am going to talk about are worth the time.  
The websites and apps I am going to go over stick out among the growing list of earning websites out there. Before we get into them though let's go over some security measures, I think everyone should take when using websites and apps like these and any website you are not familiar with. While you have the flexibility to update your email address on the website at any time, it's crucial to note that once your primary email is compromised, retrieving your sensitive information becomes an irreversible challenge. So, I suggest taking some extra steps in securing what information you share and how you share it. 
One of my suggestions is using an extra email account when signing up for websites you are not sure about. There are decentralized email platforms out there such as Proton Mail and Skiff that allow you to create an email without providing any personal information. This allows you to have a secure email that you can use anywhere. I suggest creating an email with one of these platforms to use specifically when using earning websites and apps. Even creating a couple of different emails would be smart. If you own an Apple device or have created an iCloud account, then you are able to create alias email addresses as well. I think you can make up to three of them right now. This makes it so no one can see your main email which makes it, so your information is a little safer when using Crypto related platforms.  
Another suggestion is using a browser like Brave when using earning websites. Normally the main websites you use are not what you need to be concerned about. It is the links these websites connect you to that could cause you a load of problems. Earning websites normally do not allow you to run an ad blocker. Brave allows you to activate and deactivate a shield from websites. So, you can deactivate the Brave shield for the earning website you are using but any website you get brought to or pops up with still be shielded from ads, trackers, and any other questionable things that might pop up. 
Last but not least is the password you use. When signing up for any website or app it is a good idea to create a new password. Try not to use the same password on multiple websites. You can either create your own password or you can use something like Bitwarden’s password generator. Password generators are a great way to create hard to crack passwords. Just make sure you are using a legit and safe password generator. It is always a good idea to do your own research and make sure the one you are using is encrypted and safe. Remember to save these passwords by either writing them down or saving them on an encrypted USB drive. Security is more important than anything you will do. Make sure you take your time before you jump into any earning opportunity.  
Now that we have that out of the way, and you are a little more secure when using earning websites let us go over some of my favorite earning websites and apps. I will walk you through how they work and why I think they are still worth the time and effort. 

My Top Earning Websites/Apps 

There are multiple websites and apps out there that promise rewards for either playing games, watching ads, clicking links, or completing surveys. From my experience, a good majority of these websites and apps are either not worth the reward or end up stealing your information. Information is power as they say. A large amount of these earning opportunities will seem legit and come from legit sources but are not safe. One example is adbtc. This website has amazing rewards and pays out quickly but from my experience, it is not the site you need to worry about but the links they bring you to. So adbtc is a point-to-click website, also known as PTC. You get rewarded by clicking links and viewing the website for a brief period. I have been using this website for a while now and have made a decent amount from using it. I have noticed though that a decent amount of these websites like this bring you to sites that are trying to steal your information, track you, or even place malware on your device. To earn from these websites safely you must run each link through a website such as SSLTrust before clicking it. Now this can be time-consuming which makes the process not worth the reward. I am not saying adbtc or PTC websites in general are bad. What I am saying is people are willing to pay sites like this to put their links on them for malicious purposes. My point is that you need to be extremely careful about what websites and apps you are using.  Also use a secure browser, email, and keep your computer up to date.
I am going to share my top three ways to earn a little extra Crypto on the side. Two of these earning opportunities allow you to earn a variety of tokens which normally would be hard to come across.  The third one is a well-known earning website that is one of the best I have come across.
Crypto Sense 
I am going to start off with one of my favorites. This is an Android app called Crypto Sense. This is one of my favorites because it is a simple app that allows you to earn from a couple of different ways. You can either play games or watch ads. This app has a simple idea and layout but a great way to earn over 20+ different types of cryptocurrencies.  
You can check out my video to learn more about this platform. If you want to earn Cryptocurrency that is normally hard to earn, then I suggest checking out this app. You can earn 25 to 250 points each time you watch a video, play a game, or do a survey (surveys allow you to earn over 65,000 sense points, sometimes more). 
When you reach 1,000 sense you can withdraw. You can either withdraw to Coinbase, FaucetPay, or directly to your main wallet. I suggest using Coinbase or FaucetPay though because the withdraw process is smooth and almost instantaneous. 
Faucet Crypto 
The next earning opportunity I want to talk about is called Faucet Crypto. This website has been around for a couple of years now and has a decent community. What I like about this website is that it allows you to earn in multiple different ways. You can claim a faucet every hour, surveys, point-to-click (PTC) section, and much more. I normally do not mess with anything other than the faucet and PTC section but if you have the time to do some surveys then that is a great way to earn a decent amount from this website. Another cool thing about this website is it allows you to earn over 20+ different types of Cryptocurrencies. Not only that but it allows you to withdrawal when you have earned a small amount. So, you do not need to wait forever to get your first withdrawal.  Check out my video to learn more.
Last on our list we have an earning platform that has been around for a very long time. This website/app is called Cointiply. A good amount of people has already heard about this website and probably already use it, but I thought I would throw in my two cents about it. Cointiply is one of the most well-known and widely used Cryptocurrency earning websites/apps. Cointiply was created back in 2018 and has been one of the best earning websites available. Cointiply has a faucet that allows you to claim every hour. They also have a PTC section, surveys, watch videos, earn from holding over $3.50 in your account, and much more. What I think is cool is their option that allows you to earn 5% APY for holding over $3.50 in your account. What I like to do is keep $3.50 in my account and then withdrawal after I reach $7. When I withdraw, I only take out $3.50 so I always have the minimum amount needed for the APY.  

You can earn either DOGE, BTC, or ETH. I know it does not have many options, but it is one of the easiest platforms to earn free Crypto. Not only is it easy to reach the minimum but you can feel a little safer when using this platform. Cointiply goes through a process of checking each PTC ad that is shared on their website. This makes it a lot harder for anyone to share malicious or dangerous websites. Now do not get me wrong, there are still websites that get through, so it is always good to remember to use your Brave browser when dealing with any earning website. 

The Pros & Cons of Earning Websites 

Image by Tumisu from Pixabay 
Now that I have shared some of my favorite platforms and why I think they are worth my time we should discuss the pros and cons of earning websites. When you use earning websites you should be careful what websites you use and what browser you use. You can use websites such as Google Transparency Report,  SSLTrust, and many others to check if a website is safe to use. The problem with this when checking crypto-earning websites is that normally the website is safe but the links the website brings you too can be malicious. I am speaking from personal experience. That small amount of Crypto is not worth the headache of your computer locking up, becoming slow, or even losing your Crypto and personal info. Since I have started trying to find earning websites and apps, I have dealt with some grave consequences of not knowing what I was doing and using websites without being careful.  
The consequences of using certain earning websites can be bad. Not only can you lose your funds, but you can also have your information stolen and your computer compromised.  This is why I stress being as secure and careful as possible. Using a wallet you created just for earning websites and apps, using a decentralized email provider, and using a secure browser can be game changers. So lets go over the pros and cons of using these types of websites.


  • Earn Crypto for your attention.
  • Earn Crypto that would be hard to get your hands on.
  • Earn a small amount of Crypto every day in hopes of one day changing your financial life.


  • Security issues such as scams, hacks, and identity theft.
  • Dealing with websites that promise a large return but are only trying to get ahold of your IP address and wallet address.

One of the main things when using websites like this is staying secure. It is awesome being able to earn Cryptocurrency from these websites but as time goes on it is becoming harder to find websites and apps that are going to last the test of time. You do not want to waste a bunch of time on one website because you never know when that website is going to disappear, stop paying, or sell your information. It is a good idea to try to do some research before using any website.

Final Thoughts 

In my opinion earning websites are still worth the time but like I was discussing earlier, not all earning websites are made the same and could end up being a waste of time. There is no way for you to earn a life changing amount from these websites, but they are a great way to get involved in projects you normally would not invest in either because exchange fees are too high, you do not have the funds to invest, or you are worried to invest because they are high risk.  

The websites I shared above are a great way to get your hands on all sorts of tokens. You might not be able to make a lot but as time goes on you will see the amount you own grow. You will only earn anywhere from 2 – 10 cents a day from these websites but if you are consistent then you will see a difference as time goes on.  

This is not financial advice and I suggest never investing in any of these types of websites. These types of websites have the tendency to shut down without telling the users, so there is a big chance that you could lose any money you have deposited. These are just websites and apps I use, and think are worth using a little every day. Nothing is guaranteed but I know how hard it is to invest in your favorite Cryptocurrency projects. I have been earning Crypto from websites like these for years now. If I think a project is worth sharing and I have earned from it, I will write about it. I do not just write about any project I come across. I try each of these platforms before I write about them. 

Brave Browser
Proton Mail
Skiff Mail

Crypto Sense

Thanks for reading! 

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