Coding Interview 101

18 Feb 2023

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As a job applicant preparing for a coding interview, you must be fully prepared for the questions and topics you may face.

Knowing what to expect can help you make a good impression on the interviewer and show them that you are the right candidate for the job. Therefore, preparing for a coding interview is crucial for success in the field.

Let discuss the various aspects of coding interviews, from what they are to how to prepare yourself best.

Coding Interview

Coding interviews consist of technical questions that assess your ability to work with computer languages and applications. In addition, the interviewer wants to know how you think about problems and respond when challenged.

Preparing for such an important interview can be daunting, but understanding what questions will be asked, honing your problem-solving skills, and having confidence in yourself are all key elements that will help ensure success.

Researching the company before the interview will give you insight into their values and culture, allowing you to understand better which coding problems they may present you with during the interview process.


Knowing the company's mission, goals, and values can help you highlight your experience in line with their expectations.

Understanding the role you are interviewing for will enable you to showcase your skills that fit what the employer is looking for.

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In addition, by doing thorough research before an interview, you can ensure that your answers are accurate and relevant.

Before a coding interview, it is essential to take some time to research the company's technological stack.

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Familiarizing yourself with their programming languages and frameworks can be beneficial in demonstrating your technical knowledge during the interview process.

If possible, try familiarizing yourself with any open-source projects related to the company or position, as this could further show off your technical understanding.

Practicing Coding Questions

Practicing coding questions can help prepare you for an interview by allowing you to familiarize yourself with different coding scenarios and challenges.

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One way to practice coding questions is by using online resources such as websites, blogs, and forums where users post coding problems they have solved.

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This is an excellent way to get familiar with common problems that might arise during an interview and allow you to test your solutions against other answers.

Another way to brush up on your skills is by taking practice tests or attending tech talks held by industry professionals specializing in coding interviews.

To help you prepare for these interviews, here are some of the coding interview types of questions that may be asked.

First, you may be asked to explain a data structure and its importance. Data structures provide a way of organizing large amounts of data into more efficient forms, allowing faster access when needed.

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Candidates need to understand different types of data structures and their applications.

Second, applicants can expect to be asked about algorithms and how they work. Algorithms are step-by-step instructions that allow computers to solve problems quickly by breaking them down into smaller parts or tasks.

To practice for coding interviews, I like Whether you're a job seeker preparing for an upcoming interview or an experienced programmer brushing up on their coding skills, has something for everyone.

It's an excellent resource for anyone looking to practice. The questions are tough, but it's a great way to prepare.

I also recommend you should be prepared to answer questions on data structures, problem-solving, algorithms, and object-oriented design principles.

Employers may ask about the complexities of an algorithm or how well it solves a particular problem.

Questions about debugging code or modifying existing code may also be posed. To assess the candidate's ability to work with databases, inquiries into SQL querying could also be made.

Interview candidates should also anticipate more specific language-related questions, such as what language features they favor or how they would debug errors in Python or Java code.

Perfecting Soft Skills

For coding interview candidates, perfecting your soft skills is just as important as mastering the technical aspects of coding. Soft skills can make all the difference in how a potential employer perceives you.

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You want to demonstrate that you have the social and interpersonal savvy necessary for success.

There are several key areas to focus on when honing your soft skills before a coding interview.

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One involves communication and being able to articulate your thoughts clearly. This means having confidence in what you say and knowing how to express yourself effectively with verbal and nonverbal cues.

At the same time, being an active listener is crucial to understand what's being said and responding appropriately.

Final Thought

Coding interviews can be intimidating for many, but it's important to remember that if you prepare ahead of time, you can get through it confidently.

Practice your coding skills and brush up on design principles and problem-solving techniques. Make sure your code is readable and well-structured so that you can explain it clearly in the interview.

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Johnson Chau
Coding interviews is a pretty decent gauge on fundamental skills and familiarity of code. However, I have noticed that a software engineer can shine the most when they present a project they have been working on for a large chunk of time. That shows what a true software engineer can do!