Crypto and Cannabis

15 Nov 2022

Cannabis Industry is getting a boost with the recent development in the U.S. and some European Union countries particularly Germany. With more U.S. States legalizing marijuana use (medical and recreational) the industry is booming like it we have never seen before. And with this big boost comes cryptocurrency offering itself as a payment mode for online and in-store purchases. And more importantly cannabis based cryptocurrency started appeared out of nowhere trying to ride the cannabis train. Yes, cannabis based crypto has been around for quite sometime but the proliferation is not like what were seeing today. All promising to make cryptocurrency and cannabis integration smoothly, but not promising to solve the many problems betting the industry's many problems, from sales to inventory to taxation. Amidst this background came Stellarcannacoin, a cannabis based cryptocurrency working on the Stellar network, developed by cannabis lovers for the cannabis industry. just a little over a year since it's launched the coin has defied not only expectations but even the bear market, raising more than 90% its value and still increasing. The biggest difference Stellarcannacoin has over other cannabis based crypto is it got its own wallet (Stash App) that also function as POS, it really solve the industry tracking it's sale and inventory, it also issue's QR code so tracking your sale and inventory is made easier. It's available in Android and IOS versions, and the smartest incentive of the wallet is if you use a referral code you get 420 Stellarcannacoin free. Want to try it? here's my referral code...773057, you have to deposit even 1 XLM to add Stellarcannacoin trustline on your wallet, that's it you get your free Stellarcannacoin. 
More and more marijuana dispensary and cannabis based store is accepting Stellarcannacoin because they saw the usefulness of the crypto and the App. Want to more about it? Click on the links below to learn more about Stellarcannacoin, the crypto made for the cannabis community and cannabis industry by cannabis lovers.



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