ELENA's STORY-Superpower Squad

26 Jan 2023

Hello Myself Elena,

I am gonna tell you about my story- I am from a family of warriors and Brave persons,a family in which the person are as brave as a Soldier on the border, my father by profession is the Colonel in military and my mother works in the head of armory department in military, I was living a decent life with all the comforts and love with my loving and kind family members.I had raised with the stories of Brave warriors who had sacrificed their life to finish terrorism from the country.Following this a unfortunate incident happened in my life which filled my life with Sadness and had taken all my hopes to live away from me,to a place where I can't reach(heaven). In a bomb blast by a Terrorist association,My whole family including my father, mother,Grandmother,my little brother and my elder Sister died. ,"I am saved but for what thing and with whom did I have to survive my rest of my life", This question Echoes in my mind
At that instant, Rather than being Sad and cry over this incident ; On that day I took the commitment to completely finish the Crime and especially terrorism from my country. So, I undertook hard training, got trained myself under the supervision of Military chief, improvise my skills and now I had started my mission to snatch the roots of terrorism from my country. I will not let any terrorist association to kill the innocents anymore,will not let any child to live a life with like me(with no parents). I will again make my country free of terrorism/crimes and a place where the children can again play outside their houses without any fear. I Will surely do my best till the my last breath. Peace Out.

The Superpower Squad is really good. Not promoting but I personally likes it
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