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14 May 2023

Great revolutionary thinker and reformer Mahatma Jyotiba Phule was born in Pune in 1827. It was he who started the progressive tradition of reform in Maharashtra. A true social worker can become a social worker, a person who finds a way to overcome them in the future after seeing the shortcomings, faults and errors found in the society around him at present and walks on that path very lonely but fearlessly. This is confirmed by the biography of Mahatma Jyotiba Phule. Jyotiba's heart was shocked to see the Gurukanya, who had been disfigured by Vapana due to her coming of age in the ninth year. He felt that something must be done for his sister. After hearing from his Chin Guru that 'the commandment of religion is the only reason' to do such an act, he made a firm decision at a young age that he must search for the truth about his religion.

In Pune, Pune Collector Robertson opened a school in Budharwadwara. Jotiba started going to that school. At that time, his father Govindrao Phule did not agree with Jyotiba's education. Jyotiba studied English as well as Sanskrit. His thoughts were initially of rebellion. He also wanted to learn weaponry to fight the British like others, but at the same time was disturbed by the caste discrimination, ignorance and plight of women in his society, he studied other religions comparatively. Among them, he was particularly attracted to the treatment of humanity, service, equality in Christianity. It was here that Jyotiba found his way of working and putting it into action He started. In 1848, he established the first girls' school in the castle of Chiplunkar in Bol of Jogeshwari to remove the ignorance of the society, especially among women. He created his wife Savitribai as a female teacher to teach the girls. The husband and wife had to bear the wrath of the society for their insistence on women's education. Jyotiba's father Jyotiba and Savitribai were thrown out of the house. Later, Jyotiba opened a school for girls in the Dalit settlement in Mithganj area in 1851. To reform the backward, one must go among them, so they changed their home. He opened the cistern in his house for the Dalits to get water. After seeing the oppression of upper caste women in the society, he started 'Childicide Prevention Home' in 1863 for these unfortunate women and provided shelter to such women. Jyotiyan was a reformer. It was a fearless attitude that Jyotiba gave shelter to one such stranded woman and adopted her son. Therefore, he faced the crisis with great courage. Dressed as a farmer, he went to meet the 'Duke of Connaught'. He had understood the problems of the farmers, the problems of the farmers and his firm views on the same have been expressed in his book ``Farmer's Asud'' (1883). He continued to fight against undesirable customs and traditions throughout his life, for which he founded Satyashodak Samaj in 1873. Made thousands of followers. Always insisted on Vidya, Satya and Satsheel. That is why the people spontaneously glorified him as 'Mahatma'. Jotiba Phule gave an active message of the principles of truth and equality to the society and on November 27, 1889, she bid farewell to her beloved people. Jyotib is gone, but his great deeds have made him immortal.

• about sports

Sports are mainly about entertainment. It's a lot of fun. You can enjoy to your heart's content. Most importantly, adults are not there to help us, we are our own kings. So you get to play freely. It gives pleasure. But what's wrong with that?However, I do not agree that sports are only entertainment. In the field, we run and jump. Doesn't this lead to agility? So what about automatic exercise? How hungry you feel when you go home after playing! This benefit should also be noted. As I began to think more calmly about the game, I began to see its many benefits. If you want to succeed in any work, you have to try.

We strive to win on the field. Everyone strives to win. How good is the motivation to win, to go further, to make more progress? It is this motivation that makes man progress, doesn't it? Isn't this motivation rooted in sports? We strive to win; Trying hard. But there is only one winner in the end. We win or lose. Anything can happen. We understand all this. It's true that you feel bad when you lose. But we also heartily congratulate the winners, don't we? Are we ready to play again with a smile afterwards? Even in life we learn to accept defeat with a smile on the field of play. There is another benefit to the game. When we play for a team, we try our hardest to make the team win. At that time, there is no fear that we will fall, get hit, get injured. We want our team to win. Everyone is fighting for the team. There is no personal interest in anyone's mind at that time. At this time everyone puts aside their own desires and emotions. Only thinks about the team. What an important ritual! Moreover, there is another important advantage. Not everyone is smart in class and studies. In the mind of such people, the inferiority complex arises that their life is futile. They lose confidence. Many of them perform exceptionally well on the field. Where did Sachin Tendulkar excel in college studies? That is, we get scope to prove our merits in the field, what a great advantage this is!

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