Nature is the best medicine💫

20 Jun 2022

Hi in this article going to discuss how nature is best medicine for human being.

★ In the present time we human being day by day disconnected with nature and this thing leads to many health issues like vitamin D deficiency, skin issues, bones issues many more.

★ We super busy in materialistic world. Not having time for exploring nature and surrounding.

Major issue of being in room

◆ Staying in the room for long hours can make you feel low energy or lazy. To boost up, perform any outdoor activities🏜
Nature is free to us. Rather than spending the whole day in a room, spend time with greens, trees, soil, sky, and air.

What steps take to renergies yourself

1. Take a walk, watch nature’s changes, take fresh air or just sit around greeneries and watch them✨.

2. Go for outing in natural environment such as zoo, forest, park.

3. Try to less uses for gadgets while going to near by places.

4. Whenever you get time to sunbath in morning and evening.

Nature is the best medicine💫

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very true.. the nature is true healer..
Your writing is very nice