28 Nov 2022

There is hardly any human who doesn't know about nature. Nature, as we would already know is a very important part of mankind as a whole, it is a blessing we probably didn't deserve from the universe but we got it anyway.

Nature has been a source of inspiration to so many people such as artists, poets, musicians, etc. Nature has inspired great minds to make wonderful masterpieces of all time.

So just so we may know, nature is basically everything we are surrounded with such as the air we inhale, the water we drink, the stars we gaze at and so much more. 

There is just a lot to admire about nature and we are to preserve it for the next generations and not destroy it.

The importance of nature cannot be overemphasized, the way we get treated by the nature around us is just a reflection of how we treat it.

The nature we find ourselves in has a way of shielding and protecting Us from harm, for the survival of mankind is questionable without nature. 

We must note that in as much as nature has a way of shielding us, it definitely has a way of also destroying Us if we ain't careful.

Since human survival is dependent on nature, with the advancement of nature we must also find a way to not lead nature into extinction, for it will have an adverse effect on mankind as a whole.

For Us to be able to keep nature alive we must watch the actions we take that are drastic to it, such as deforestation, pollution,  etc. All these things has a way of affecting nature in a really bad way and we must be careful not to destroy it with our hands and by our actions


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