Dear Woman…

8 Mar 2023

You can sing even when your voice is cracked
You can dance even when it's not the latest steps
You are allowed to share your own thoughts & feelings
without taking permission from critics
You should go out and dance in the rain
You should be able to start that career, that business & pursue that dream
You can be all that you want to be.
Oh dear woman, you should fall in love with your mistakes
You shouldn't be so hard on yourself for the past you are not proud of
And those chapters of your life you don't read out loud
It's okay to give your self another chance and more
And be kind to yourself It's okay to compliment other women who are winning and celebrate them genuinely
It's okay to fix another woman's crown instead of tearing down.
Can we all be more compassionate
Can we all be kind
Can we all learn to judge less
Can we all learn to listen
Can we all become a formidable force.
Dear woman
Inhale… Exhale and always remember you are ENOUGH.

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