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9 Feb 2024

Let’s Start the Blog 👇
🔸 Time: 15 Min
🔸Investment: $0
🔸 Expected Earning: upto $7k and even more

⭕ Project Overview
♦︎ BeraChain - the project is designed to allow users to stake their tokens and supply liquidity to DeFi protocols simultaneously.
♦︎ Berachain is a Layer 1 blockchain optimized for DeFi, compatible with Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), and developed using the Cosmos SDK.
⭕ Backers & Investors

⭕ Fund Raised

⭕ How to Join ⬇️
1️⃣ Claim Faucet here : artio.faucet.berachain.com

2️⃣ Swap & Add LP
🔸Swap here: artio.bex.berachain.com

🔸 Add Liquidity: https://artio.bex.berachain.com/pool

3️⃣ Select Any amount of $STGUSDC and mint $HONEY: https://artio.honey.berachain.com/

4️⃣ Lending Protocol Supply & Borrow
🔸 Supply Any token : artio.bend.berachain.com/dashboard
🔸Borrow $HONEY here: https://artio.bend.berachain.com/dashboard

5️⃣ Trading protocol on BERPS, Open long/short positions: artio.berps.berachain.com/berpetuals
🔸Trade Different Coins & Trade Multiple Time

6️⃣ Deposit $HONEY into the vault: artio.berps.berachain.com/vault

7️⃣ Claim point on Galxe campaign: https://galxe.com/Berachain

8️⃣ Mint OOGA BOOGA TICKET NFT On BeraChain ( Important )
👉 Don't use $BERA token, use the $HONEY token to mint it.
🔸Swap 0.0085 $BERA to receive $HONEY
🔸 Swap Here: https://artio.bex.berachain.com/swap
🔸 Mint Here

Done ✅ 😸
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