Are Leaders entirely to Blame

2 Nov 2022

I wanted to amuse myself a little so I decided to carry out a little survey on how people view the government of the day. I asked people this simple question “ who do you blame for the dilapidating state of the country?” I had a similar answer from more than 90 percent of the people I asked. They all said in one accord “ I blame those politicians calling themselves leaders.” When I heard these responses, I had to ask myself “ Is it really right to blame the leaders for all the misfortunes we may encounter in this country? Do we also have a share of the blame? The answer that I got made me write this article.
No matter the situation of the country, the fault is no entirely from the leaders. In fact, we should blame ourselves. These are the reasons why I arrived at this ridiculous conclusion:
• We are responsible for everyone that takes that mantle of leadership. We voted them there because they were our best choice. So if we saw them not representing us we’ll, it means we do not know what is best for us. Some people usually sell out their votes for miserable change offered by unscrupulous elements who want to destroy what would have been used for the development of the country. This is where we should start blaming ourselves.
• Some people will bring up the issue of snatching ballot boxes as a major aspect where the leaders are to be blamed. But I want to ask. Will snatching of ballot boxes be possible if people are not there to carry out that act. Are leaders the people who directly perpetrate these acts or is it not still ordinary citizens? With that you will see that the blame is still directly or indirectly on us.
• You talk of corruption, we are still to blame because for an act of corruption to be perfectly performed by a leader, two or more ordinary citizens are always involved to facilitate the process. If we want to stop corruption then we should start by lecturing ourselves. If these ordinary citizens expose these so called corrupt leaders, then corruption will be greatly checked. Yet they keep quiet and the situation becomes an unbearable one and we start pointing accusing fingers at our leaders.
• The concept of unemployment is the most annoying one. You have seen the number of undergraduates released by various universities into the country and yet you are still hoping on white collar job when you can use your hands, your talent, and the resources around you to employ yourself and some people around you. We need to re-orientate ourselves and stop pointing accusing fingers when we can do something to salvage the situations we find ourselves.
Let's stop blaming ourselves leaders for all the misfortunes that we face but instead we should focus on what we can contribute to help salvage the situation

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