The Void Stares Back

17 Sept 2023

By JD using StarryAI

We all fall.
We all fail.
We all want to give up at times when the night is darkest.
But you are not alone.
Every day, people go through very similar challenges.
Yet we feel so alone when we are in its depths.
We stare into the void.
The void stares back.
Find your people.
Especially in the darkest hours.
You can lie down for a while.
Give up for a moment.
Your people will sit by, understanding, accepting.
Then that voice.
Tiny little voice way, way down in the depths of your soul.
"Come on"
"No," you say, "I'm so tired."
"Come on"
"Fuck off," you say, "No more fighting."
"Come on. Get up."
"I don't want to," you say as you start to push yourself up.
"Just do it. The fight isn't over. But it's worth it. You're changing the world."
"Why me?" you whine.
"If not you? Then who? Never give up. Ever."
Your people smile.
You're ready to talk.
They're ready to listen.
It matters not what knocks you down.
Matters not why you fall.
Matters not why you fail.
What matters is how you respond next.
Then you get back up, swinging.
No one knows what happens when we die.
We all have beliefs... but beliefs aren't facts.
This may be it.
This could be all we get.
So you get up, damnit.
And you start swinging.
You leave NOTHING in the tank.
Cause I'm telling you, dying is overrated.
I've done it twice.
It changes you.
Never give up.

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A lot of action in this poem
Interesting experiment :)