Avenger Team (3/6)

10 Jun 2022

Originally ,there are six members in avengers including Thor , black Widow ,Iron Man, Captain America ,Hulk and Hawkeye. They have unique powers and team is really strongs and powerful and has saved Earth from many dangers and enemy.
The third avenger is Hulk. Hulk in originally was Doctor Bruce Banner which is one of most powerful and technician minds.According to theory represents the power stone among infinty stones. Hulk is green and very powerful with uncontrolled strength with hevay body.
Being exposure to powerful gamma rays during experimental labs , he becomes the hulk.
The hulk can switch the body from normal human being to green big Hulk due to triggerd by anger in most of occasion.
Hulk is so powerful that he destroys chitauri army ships with one punch and has one to one fights with many superheroes and villains like abnominations. He was tech genius also which co-created the Ultron along with IronMan. Hulk once used nano infinity gaunlet to bring avengers which were snapped by Thanos. Due to this, Many avengers were able to aid in endgame war between Thanos Army and avengers.
In Marvel movies , The Hulk character is potrayed by Mark Ruffalo and has appearences in all avengers first to endgame movies. 

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Hulk is my favourite avenger. With hulk and Bruce Banner you get the best of both worlds.
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