The Web2 era is over, it’s time for the next phase — Sourceless Web3

9 Feb 2024

Web2 offers us a wealth of interactive software that has become untouchable in our lives. A few examples include email, video hosting, online banking, etc.

Web2 has become a very profitable environment for online software services since 2004. Using a simple browser, you can access a variety of applications.

Web2 has come with many minuses, among them, manipulation of people, centralization and coercion of the population.

That’s why Web3 is the ideal solution to decentralize data. All Web services will be based on blockchain.

Web3 is also called the Semantic Web because it offers users a faster way to information through AI and algorithms that will simplify things.

All things by their very nature are meant to evolve. It is precisely from this point of view that SourceLess aims to revolutionize the current Web, by giving the Internet to the people who developed it.

As mentioned in the previous article link, it’s time for a technological step that will give us more stability and decentralization that we all need.

With SourceLess, everyone can benefit from:
  • Increased speed and no interruptions;
  • security of money and personal data;
  • zero cost in transactions;
  • the possibility to have their own turnkey business in the new ecosystem;
  • host and domain costs have a single lifetime payment;

and a lot more.

These are just some of the benefits that the SourceLess team implements.

Through all that we are currently developing and doing, there is more to Web3 than we can imagine, and time will tell.

The Web as we know it has been writing history for 30 years; now it’s time for the next 30 years to arise and take control.

I’m curious, what do you want to see in the new Web?

Technology that 30 years ago was judged in the media, today gives us a way to connect and gives us the opportunity to be free.

Our time has come for a Web revolution, which is part of evolution!
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