Bulla or Bera?

4 Nov 2023

Better times are coming (I hope). At least seems like it.

The crypto world seems to be donning its bullish attire, giving enthusiasts and investors a reason to restock their popcorn supplies and buckle up for another rollercoaster ride. At least you can see a switch of mentality in X, from bear to bull! Perhaps we are starting to get overly confident too early, but seems the tides are changing.
Engagement is going up (not mine), and absurd price targets are starting to circulate! With the ever-fluctuating market and the rollercoaster of emotions that come with it, it's no surprise that the looming possibility of a bull run has everyone glued to their screens. It brings me memories to be honest. even my behavior is changing a bit. While during the past year was a bit apathetic towards crypto, these past days, that changed.

For those who haven't been keeping up with the latest crypto buzz, a bull run is essentially the equivalent of a financial festa ( or fiesta in Spanish - but as a Portuguese, cannot let the Spaniards win) in the digital currency world. It's that magical moment when the market sentiment takes a sharp turn for the optimistic, leaving bears scratching their heads while the bulls celebrate their newfound vitality/Vitalik (pun intended). But before we get too carried away, because we will, let's take a closer look at what's been cooking.

First things first, let's talk numbers. Data has shown some interesting trends that might just make the case for an impending surge. The orange coin ( Bitcoin for those who are not familiar with the lingo), the undisputed heavyweight champion of cryptocurrencies, has been flexing its lately, maintaining an upward trajectory that has left many caught sidelined. With its value showing signs of resilience in the face of various market tremors, one can't help but wonder if the stars are aligning for a monumental push. Also, let’s not forget the possible $BTC Spot ETF, and of course the Bitcoin Halvening. These are probably the 2 major factors that will push a so-dreamed bull run.

Moreover, Ethereum has been experiencing a resurgence of its own (without the glory of previous cycles, but maybe it’s still too early). These 2 “dino” coins are the major indicators of a possible bull run. Even though seems like Solana, as some say on it.

A couple of alts that have been diligently put in the work. Projects like Solana (as mentioned in the upper paragraph), and Chainlink have been making waves ( Waves; Link Marines; get it?) with their unique propositions and dedicated communities. While some skeptics might dismiss them as "mere" alts, their growing influence could be the wildcard that flips the game. In the previous week we all saw what happened - little by little bulls are redeeming themselves, and stealing power from the bears (maybe hibernation time is around the corner, you filthy bears).

Now, before you go all-in and mortgage the house for a portfolio of sh*tcoins, it's important to exercise caution. Please don’t follow Michael Saylor’s advice of asking loan and long Bitcoin… As history has shown us time and again, the crypto market is capricious and likes to punish degens. While the signs might point to a bullish festival, like the one in Pamplona, there's always the looming possibility of a market correction crashing the party and humbling us down, as several times before.

So, what's the key takeaway here? Well, it's time to keep a close eye on the charts, stay informed and DYOR, and perhaps consider diversifying your portfolio if you haven't already. Of course, that the unwritten rule is, the biggest chunk of your portfolio should be dedicated to Bitcoin, since tends to be the first to run hard, then major alts, mid-caps, and low-caps.

Not saying that a Bull run is a certainty, but in the same way there was another bear market, there is the possibility for a bull one, and now I am more inclined to be a bulla than a bera. Wish me luck, and good luck to you too!

Curious to know on which projects you are more bullish. Let me know in the comments below. Need to do some homework, since I am still holding some plays from the previous cycle.

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See you soon fam!

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I am confident that Bitcoin Cash ( BCH) and Sol will lead in coming bulltime so I am bullish about them and holding Maximum of my capacity these two golden coins.
I ain't buying until the FTX topic fades, but maybe ill get some more SHIB. Great read bruv!✊🏼
I am bullish on a couple of different projects. XRP, XTM, SOL, MLX, and a couple other ones. I think if we see a bull market we will see a majority of these tokens sky rocket. I also think that we will also see a huge drop in price after the bull run which will cause a majority of smaller Crypto projects fail. Kind of like the dot-com boom. I am not sure but this is just a guess of mine. I think we are witnessing the next huge technological boom in human history. Welcome to the future!
I'm a holder, so i don't wish an high volatility, but only a bull market
The correct answer is bulbapp 👏
i agree that the current time is very volatile and full of oportunities. good luck for your trading!
I don't even know what to answer at this moment.
good read, thanks. I will use some SOL to stake
i think it is time to relax , stay calm and chill until not reach on peak of bull run. keep wallet zipped and tighten for best gems at least till March 2024 BTC halving.
a needful article...thanks to you....
The next wave of Bullrun will be occuring in COSMOS's ecosystem projects, do you agree with this?
Whilst I don't disagree that BTC will "run first" the only chance you have of making life changing gains is away from the majors. That includes BTC. That also means taking on a lot more risk, but that's the old adage about reward isn't it? The good thing is we're coming out of a bear market. Teams who didn't deliver mostly died. Those who have been able to drive sustainable revenue during this downturn are the ones most likely to succeed when conditions pick up as they've already done the work necessary to capture all the coming upside. Before the rest of the world cottons on to crypto again you have an edge. You can do your research and take positions in high growth projects. Or even join one of them. There's a shortage of talent in crypto still.
interesting article , good job !
Well, was I the only one excited these past few months! it was accumulate and repeat. I can only say my portfolio became in some people's eyes booring with mostly BTC. I have my bit of SOL and a few bits and bobs (reminder to self.....have a look). I Was keen on DOT, husband still like's AVAX but looking at a few other alts. Great post, love it.
Whether it's a bull or bear, the important thing is to always do your own research and try to master the subject as much as possible. The sun will shine again eventually :)
Ahaha, the title is creative. But it is a good topic to be discussed. I am not sure if I am bullish for pumps with lots of macroeconomic and geopolitical tensions going on. All I can tell is the current pump is simply because the market has reach its end of tension of being low for quite sometime. The bearish outlook, however is still a possibility. So personally for me, I'm bullish for the bearish market. If that make sense - because I want to sweep up some tokens with lots of discounts. haha.
Bulla is what we waiting for
I'm definetely a Cosmos $ATOM and its ecosystem tokens bull, and then $ETH to catch the various L2 Airdrops.