How to Live Healthy

21 May 2022

In this present time everyone wants to be healthy life but as we move to innovation and create everything for healthy or good life but those thungs become bad for hewlthy lifestyle.
So how to be live healthy in this current world here are some few good tips for everyone.
1. Connect with nature - when your daily life routine includes nature connection like visiting to park, forest or green area it will give you freshness and happiness. So always remember to connect your body with nature.

2. Good exercise - for healthy living you need to do exercises in form of walking, running, cycling, swimming any sports you love to play. Most important do simple exercises like squats, push-up,crawling, movement training all these boost your cardiovascular health and extract tention from your body.

3. Good food - its mean you have to eat in healthy or balanced way. What mother nature gives you try to eat in that form. Do simple modification not add too much spices n all. Eat fresh like fruits, veggies,nut n seeds, legumes,grains, pulses etc.

4. Good sleep - this is Most necessary thing afterall all good exercise body needs rest. So sleep for atleast 6 to 8 hours

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