Breaking Down Bitcoin (II): Challenges

24 May 2023

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"Between trust and overconfidence there is a very thin line, which we must see or feel. Intuition or the sixth sense is an inner voice that can guide us, especially when it comes to trusting" | Anonimo

In my previous article: "Breaking down Bitcoin (I): the only cryptocurrency true to its essence", I explained why I consider Bitcoin to be the currency of freedom and security, and although I highlight its purpose of being a free, independent and sovereign electronic money, it does not exclude that it has to face great challenges in the future both from a technical and regulatory and economic point of view.

Some of these challenges are:

📌 Regulatory pressure: Bitcoin faces the threat of some countries or regions trying to ban, restrict or control its use, citing security, consumer protection or money laundering prevention reasons. Currently the U.S. SEC has sued several cryptocurrency exchanges and platforms for offering services without being registered or complying with current regulations.

📌 Mass adoption: Bitcoin has yet to overcome barriers of education, usability and accessibility to reach a wider and more diverse audience. Many people are unaware of the benefits and risks of using Bitcoin, or do not have the means or confidence to do so. In addition, Bitcoin's scalability and speed need to be improved in order to process a greater number of transactions per second and reduce fees and wait times.

📌 Volatility: Bitcoin is a very volatile asset, which can experience sharp rises and falls in price in a matter of hours or days. This can affect investor and user confidence, as well as market stability. Volatility is influenced by factors such as supply and demand, news, events, rumors or manipulations.

📌 Scalability: Bitcoin has a limited capacity to process transactions, due to the fixed block size (1 MB) and the average time between blocks (10 minutes). This implies that it can only process about 7 transactions per second, which is insufficient to meet growing demand. There are proposals to increase the block size or implement second-layer solutions, such as Lightning Network, but their adoption depends on community consensus.

📌 Tax issues: Bitcoin poses a challenge for tax authorities, which must define how to treat this asset and how to tax its operations. Each country or region has its own legislation in this regard, which can generate confusion and uncertainty among users. In addition, some users may try to evade taxes using Bitcoin, which may result in penalties or fines.

These are some of the challenges Bitcoin faces in the future, but there are also opportunities and advantages that can drive its growth and consolidation as an alternative to the traditional financial system.

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