Week one on Bulb recap

5 Jul 2022

Did you all see it?? 
Before I get to the sweetest part of last week, let Me go over how it went😊😊

I joined Bulb on the 30th of June and made my very first post on 1st of July, which was quite far from the beginning of the week on Bulb. My first post managed to get a comment from the Bulb official account, and I was like wow, I felt so special. 

My first post also happened to have the most engagements last week, with over 12 Bulb points earned. Moving further, I was able to secure the 4th position on Bulb with just 4 posts, OMG🥺. I felt like just shedding some tears of Joy, all I could imagine at that point was, what if I began on the very first day of the week, would I have been the first position?? 

This thought just keeps coming to my mind and I'm about to find out what this week has to offer.. Did you miss the sweetest part of my story😛😛, check again you might just notice it😊😊.

See you all later

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Nice Recap dude
My first week on bulb wasn’t the best, I had just joined the platform and I was on a grind to reach level 5 so I could refer my friends. But unfortunately some things got scrapped out like buying of bulb points etc. Anyways, I still go to level 5
Bulb project is goona be one of the most great project ever isn't it mate, what do you think about it?
It’s my first week on Bulb as well and I have been trying so hard to grow my points by engaging on posts. It can be really time consuming tho, but it’s better off than spending it on social un-rewarding social media platforms. I love Bulb actually and it feels good to be here