The monster

11 Dec 2022

What would others think if I revealed my genuine self?
Would they read the ink, laugh, or feel sorry for them?

I'm worn out from smiling every day.
when I am aware that the ache won't simply go away.

I have trouble falling asleep every night.
because I have such profound thoughts.

They went for a walk outside.
but was swallowed up by a black hole.

I can't seem to concentrate anywhere anymore.
I promise, I have no idea why I am the way I am.

I guess they just think I look nice.
That simply illustrates how stressed out I am.

All of my friends chat and have fun.
To drown, you don't need water.

My thoughts is taken over by the darkness below.
I feel as though I am living blindly.

I'm keeping it together on the outside, but it's just as erratic as the weather.

Good or bad? I'm all right.
The real story, though, is between the lines.

It's like trying to breathe air while on Mars.
I don't really care what they say about the future.

You advise people to "suck it up" and "be strong," but you don't really understand what is wrong.

Because of this, my life has been changed forever.
I miss that happy 5-year-old me , for sure.

You either win in this conflict or you perish trying.
Either you tell the truth or you keep lying.

I don't blame you for not seeing because all of the changes were quite minor; nonetheless, you don't realize that I am a human being.

You wouldn't survive if this were in your head, but I've found a method to make it feel better.

Every every second, I have to battle my thoughts, but only because this thing had called to me.

These were the cards I was dealt; I would never choose to feel this way.
My one and only wish is that more people will recognize our feelings.

It happens from time to time, but it's as uncommon as discovering a four-leaf clover.

Under our beds, monsters don't reside.
In our minds, they shout.

I continue to have faith that I will prevail someday.
I'll slay the beast that lives beneath my skin.


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