Fat Vs Trans fat..

15 Aug 2022
Trans fats, which make food tasty, are spoiling the taste of your health:

If you understand the difference between fat and trans fat, then you will never eat junk food, how trans fat is formed and how it gives place to diseases in the body.
There is a lot of difference between fat and trans fat. If someone's sugar level is high, then someone has heart disease, but have we understood the reason behind it.

There are two types of trans fats found in foods. Natural trans fat and artificial trans fat:

Natural trans fats originate in the stomachs of some animals and are found in foods made from these animals (milk and meat products). At the same time, artificial or artificial trans fat is processed, which is sold in the market in the form of liquid vegetable (Dalda) oils.
Actually, when fat is processed and converted into chemical form, then it is called trans fat and we are using most of the trans fat in today's time. All the junk food we eat or the processed food that has a shelf life is trans fat.

Health Side effects of Trans fat:
  • Your cholesterol level rises
  • The incidence of heart disease increases
  • Eating trans fat increases the risk of stroke.
  • It also increases the risk of developing type-2 diabetes
  • Obesity increases and it causes many other diseases

How to Avoid Trans fat:

It is quite difficult to avoid foods made with trans fat but you can try

  • Like outside items, processed food can be avoided with packaged food.
  • Junk food can be avoided
  • you can do exercise
  • you can use the right oil and ghee.

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