Truly friends

14 May 2023

The importance of trees has been told in our India since ancient times. Tukaram Maharaj feels that the tree is his companion. These trees are our best friends even in this modern age of science.
Man has made great progress due to science but for this development man has thoughtlessly destroyed forests. Man has forgotten that by killing this tree friend, we are bringing the crisis of drought and pollution on ourselves. Trees are the lungs of nature. They absorb carbon dioxide from the air and release 'living gases' into the air to purify the air. Due to this, human life has become easy and happy. Trees help us with a thousand hands. They satisfy the basic needs of food, clothing, shelter; Moreover, they please us by giving us various materials for our puja rituals. Today, man has overcome incurable diseases by using many medicines obtained from plants.

By burning itself, these trees become useful to others. Every part of the tree is useful for humans, animals and birds. Trees have no discrimination. They treat everyone equally. He smells even the blade of the ax that wounds him. Trees provide companionship even in the solitary life of man. Man preserves many of his memories with these trees. He flirts with them. These trees are the best friends of man. I am a settlement outside the village' 'Guests, wait a moment. You are rushing out of here with a handkerchief over your nose. But wait. I want to talk to you. You were praising the village for so long. But now you turn your nose at me. How ungrateful you are, the village used to be a Maharwada,' you say dismissively. But to tell you the truth, this is Maharwada, that is why the village is so clean. The village garbage is collected by the Mahar. A dead dhor drags this mang. All these congregations in this settlement work for the village and what do these people get for that? So just cursing. "These people don't even get the water that nature has provided for everyone. They were always thirsty, so how could they stay clean? Their stomachs were always empty, so they would eat whatever they got. They don't know any other words except the words 'stale, fermented'. Their second pastime is to fight. This place is dear to any epidemic, then sudden death. There is no joy of new birth. No mourning of death. Where do people here have time to rejoice and mourn? Now it is starting to wake up outside the village. Some of the children here are studying in the city. The man in them has woken up. They are starting to make their people aware of their rights. They are trying to erase the age-old belief that Tarala should only wear torn clothes given by the village and not put on new bare clothes. They are teaching their people not to ask for charity as 'de daan sute giraan' during eclipse. They are fighting for the children of nomads among them to have a stable life. For this, a school has also started here. They have started claiming their rights over the well in the village. How will the villagers like this? Then they say 'Mharda Matala is sometimes I am set on fire. Fights are routine. But remember, you have kept me out of the village for years now I will hear, but now a new village is going to be built here too." The moon has an extraordinary attraction for the human mind. There is a story that even Lord Ramachandra insisted on Kausalyamata as 'moon wind' and then the little prince was overjoyed when he saw the reflection of the moon in the mirror. The culmination of this attraction of man towards the moon is the debut of man on the moon through the tireless efforts of scientists. Neil Armstrong, an American astronaut, took the first step on the moon. Man's tiny step on the moon was his giant leap into space based on science. After this successful lunar mission, man began to dream of going to the moon, taking trips there, settling there permanently. It came to my mind - if I could go to the moon through a mission. If so! My long cherished dream will come true. I can enjoy walking on the moon and jumping around. I will try to blur the 'rabbit' seen from the Earth on the surface of the Moon. How does my mother earth look from the moon? I will see that.

There must be a message channel that communicates with people on earth from the moon! Through that channel I will listen to the people of my house running commentary on the creation on the moon, the bottomless universe around, my mother earth seen from there. If I can live there permanently, I will start an Indian restaurant there. Authentic Marathi food can be found in that restaurant. Foods like modak, thalipeeth and drinks like solakadi and madhukokam can be found. Young couples on the moon might be eager to come to earth for 'madhuvasundhara' instead of 'honeymoon'. At such a time, if possible, I will also facilitate their journey on earth. But when all this?- If I get to go to the moon!! Saint Tukaram Maharaj in this tradition was a great saint. He was born in Dehu for 7 years. The family of Saint Tukaram was a distinguished family of that time. He was educated as the people of the prestigious families of the time. In the house of Saint Tukaram Maharaj, there was a tradition of Vitthal devotion to generations. One of his ancestors found a statue of Vitthal Rakhumai in the field throughout the world. They installed the idol in the house along the river. This house was called 'Deolwada'. At a young age, Tukaram Maharaj's spiritual rituals were performed in the heart of the hymns, kirtane, the burial, the worship of this temple. During that time, there was a severe drought in Maharashtra. Numerous people began to descend. There were many deaths. Tukaram Maharaj also witnessed the misfortune of seeing the death of relatives. Tukaram Maharaj's mind was overwhelmed by the bride of the people due to that severe drought. From childhood, the rites of spirituality were awakened. Their minds began to fall in spirituality. They went to Bhammathgarh near Dehu and started meditation. He studied great texts like Geeta, Bhagwat, Dnyaneshwari, Eknathi Bhagwat, Namdev Gatha etc. In the meantime, Saint Tukaram Maharaj got a dream in a dream. Saint Namdev came to his dream with Pandurangas. He asked him to poet, and his nectar was proved by the supernatural talent. The poetry of Saint Tukaram Maharaj was attracted to the people of all levels, from the common man to the dignitaries of that time. Their fame spread in the villages. Seeing the popularity of Saint Tukaram Maharaj, some began to feel jealous. These jealousy people began to persecute them in a different way. The wicked people of their abductions were drowned in the Indrayani river. But everyone knows the story of Vitthal Kripa. This created immense devotion to Tukaram Maharaj in the minds of the people.

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