Introducing BULB’s New Referral Features

20 Apr 2023


We’ve spoken a lot about rewarding the reader and the writer on BULB. After all, there is no writer without a reader, and no reader without a writer! What about the referrers and the sharers; those that spread the word ? 

We feel strongly that referrers and sharers should be rewarded too! This is why the team has to new exciting features to share with the BULB community - A new ‘Refer-to-Earn’ feature that rewards referrers for referring quality users to BULB, and a new ‘Share-to-Earn’ feature that rewards users for sharing BULB posts on their social media channels. 
Here’s how both new features work. 

What is BULB’s New ‘Refer-to-Earn’ Feature?

As a referrer, you can earn up to 1,000 BULB Tokens for every new user you refer to BULB. Referring your friends is quite simple:

  • Go to the ‘Refer’ tab
  • Generate a unique invitation link
  • Ask your friend to join BULB via the link

Your friend will then be recognised as having joined via your link, and you will be rewarded with BULB Tokens within 24 hours. To earn the full amount, your friend must complete a react, a read and a comment within 24 hours. Your referral earnings will be adjusted according to the aggregate points your friend has earnt from their actions out of the maximum possible points available for their actions. 

The system ensures that you are rewarded for your referral in a way that reflects your friend’s efforts and contributions. We understand that not all referrals are equal, and we want to reward you more for bringing engaged users to the BULB community!
Hot tip: To help your friend maximise their earnings, get your friend to space out their first react and read, and ask them to write an engaging comment, it’s that simple 🙂

What is ‘Share-to-Earn’ and How Does it Work?

BULB’s new Share-to-Earn feature allows you to earn BULB points for sharing articles on BULB on your social media channels. The articles don’t even have to be your own work; if you see an amazing blog written by another user, you’re free to share this on your social media channels and start earning for it! 

Here’s how Share-to-Earn works:

  • Start by generating a unique link to an article that you like
  • Share that link on any social media channel as desired

For every unique visit via your link, you will earn 10% of a Sharer BULBmoji which is worth 25 points in total. The author of the post will also earn exactly the same amount of points as the sharer. Obviously both the author and the sharer should be equally rewarded because there would be no article to share without the creator, and the article would never gain the exposure it deserves without the sharer!

Top tip: Users who share more engaging, unique blogs will naturally earn more points. The better the blog, the more likely people are to click on it and read the material, thereby encouraging users to share the best and brightest content on BULB.

To ensure the BULB leaderboard remains competitive, the maximum number of Sharer BULBmojis earnt per unique link will be capped at 10. Everyone should have a fair go, right?
To learn more about how Share-to-Earn points are calculated, visit our FAQ page.


So there you have it: A refined ‘Refer-to-Earn’ feature that allows you to earn BULB points for quality referrals, and a fresh, exciting ‘Share-to-Earn’ feature that rewards both you and the original creator for sharing BULB posts on your social media channels. We’re excited to see you use these features so you can share the magic of BULB with those outside of the community. The more the merrier, right?

-BULB Team

Write to Earn. Read to Earn.

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