Motivation paragraph

7 Jul 2022

Motivation is defined as a state of mind when everything seems positive and we have a different kind of enthusiasm to complete our work. It is good in many ways and adds confidence to us. It is not every time we are successful but to start a new phase, we need some motivation. Once we are motivated, we start with new energy and hope. Motivation works like glucose and gives us energy.

What is Motivation and How to Get It

It is just a feeling and it can be anyone the source of motivation for you, either a person, a book, a celebrity, a teacher, parents, your dreams, etc. The source which inspires us to perform best and achieve our goals are our source of motivation.

The way our teachers inspire us to get good marks. Our parents inspire us to try and learn new things; all are different sources of motivation.

It was my father who taught me how to ride a bicycle. But when I fell for the first time, I just refused to learn. But my father motivated me as a result it is an easy task for me today.

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