Bravery at night

5 Jun 2023

The other night, around two or three in the morning, an elephant with brilliant tusks chased after me.
His trunk was shooting steam jets out of it and waving in the air.
He was intent on eating me up, but I refrained from screaming or letting him see how terrified I was instead choosing to flee from the situation and climb into Dad's bed.

One day, I was pursued by a terrifying giant with three heads and twenty limbs. He spewed red hot fire from his lips and his hands were all covered in blood, and he vowed to grind my bones into bread.
But I was simply too intelligent for him, and before his hands could seize me, I had crept into my father's bed.

I'm not afraid of anything that bothers me at night.
Once, forty ghosts who were shimmering and white chased me.
And I simply chased them around the room, giving them the impression that I might have to pause and take a break before they could catch me.
They then leaped onto my bed, and I gasped. But when they discovered that I had snuck away and crawled into Dad's bed, they were furious.

Because he would beat them up and pursue them to their cave, no giants, ghosts, or elephants have ventured to enter.
They simply loiter around the kids' rooms, snap, snarl, bite, and chuckle if they can get the kids to scream desperately for aid.
However, I never shout out. I'm not that kind of kid; instead, I pull back the sheets and climb into bed w
ith my father.

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