14 Feb 2023

A broken heart, a pain so deep
That tears us apart and leaves us to weep
It's a wound that never quite heals
And a scar that forever reveals

The memories of love now lost
And a love that at such a high cost
The laughter, the joy, the happiness gone
Leaving only a soul that's all alone

It starts with a crack, a tiny one
But it soon becomes a chasm that's begun
To swallow us whole, a deep descent
Into the depths of our own lament

The tears that we shed, a never-ending flow
A reminder of what we'll never know
The happiness that we once shared
The love that once truly cared

The emptiness echoes through our days
The emptiness in so many ways
A void that can never be filled
A love that was once so thrill

The heartache, the sorrow, the pain
A constant reminder of what was in vain
The hopes, the dreams, the plans we made
All now gone, forever decayed

The silence that surrounds us now
A constant reminder of what's allowed
The silence that speaks so much louder
Than the words that we'll never utter

The pieces that remain, shattered and torn
A reflection of a love that was once born
The pieces that will never fit right
A reminder of the love we lost sight

But even in the midst of all this pain
There's a glimmer of hope, a light that remains
The hope that one day we'll mend
And find love that will never end

A love that will heal the broken heart
And bring back the happiness from the start
A love that will make all the pain go away
And light up our hearts in a brand new day

So though our heart may be broken and sore
We'll keep searching for love forever more
And one day we'll find it, that special one
The love that will finally be second to none

And when we do, we'll cherish it so
And hold it tight, and never let go
For a love that's true, is worth all the pain
And a broken heart, will no longer remain.

Love that mends a broken heart,
Is a love that's truly rare.
A love that brings the light back in,
And banishes the darkness and despair.

It's a love that understands the pain,
And helps to heal the wounds so deep.
It's a love that listens with an ear,
And helps the shattered soul to keep.

It's a love that brings the sunshine back,
And chases away the stormy skies.
It's a love that holds the heart so tight,
And never again leaves it to die.

It's a love that's patient and so kind,
And always brings the comfort and the peace.
It's a love that's unconditional,
And never ever leaves in case of a cease.

It's a love that mends the broken heart,
And turns the shattered pieces into gold.
A love that's pure and true, a work of art,
And forever shines bright, never growing old.

So if you find this kind of love,
Hold on to it with all your might.
For it's the love that mends the broken heart,
And brings back the joy and the light.

And though there may be times of doubt,
And life may throw its curveballs, too.
This love that mends the broken heart,
Will see you through and see you through.

So never let go of this love so rare,
And hold on tight, forever and a day.
For it's the love that mends the broken heart,
And guides you home, come what may.

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