Zhie30's Introduction to the Community

7 Dec 2023

Hello everyone, hi it's Zhie30 joining the platform today and this blog will be my introductory blog. I will be taking a little information about myself and hope to gain some friends here.

Who is Zhie30?

Zhie30 is a simple woman and a dreamer. I attached here a photo and the little girl on the left was me. I choose to present this photo as I do not want to disclose my identity because I prefer my life to remain private. Thus, I only share a glimpse of myself through this younger version of mine.

Zhie is also a crypto explorer. Way back 2021 I was very active in joining various sites and applications that pays cryptocurrency. In that year, I tried diving into the blogging world. It was a successful one but after a year I wasn't very active in writing because of health issues and I also wanted to focus in taking care of my family.

On the other hand, Zhie didn't stop the passion that she discovers. Taking photos is now one of its hobbies aside from reading stories (novels or any romance stories). I discovered this eagerness to take better photos through my online friends that I had meet as I started blogging. The are my inspiration why I tried my very best to do better in this field.

Zhie also is a cat lover. We have a cat at home. She is with us for a year already and we treat her as part of our family. Sometimes she slept beside us but one thing that I really love in her is her loyalty. Out of those cats that stayed with us, she is the only cat that stayed with us this long. There may be days that she didn't came home because she was with her friends but after two days she would came home and upon her arrival, she would Meow loudly to let her presence be known to everyone.

Lastly, Zhie is a woman who wants to explore and learn some new things.

This will be all for this short introductory blog.

Have a bless day everyone!

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