Why Movies are Better than Books

17 Nov 2022

There has been an endless debate about which is better, reading a book or watching a movie. This article will just be my opinion or will I say what I feel and would want to share with you all.
Below are my reasons why I feel movies are better than books.

-Time Factor

It is said that time is money, and we all know how much time it takes to complete a huge novel then imagine if the novel has several episodes and seasons. People most time just read a summary of a book or better still they would decide to see a video on the topic. Another instance is having a stressful day and just getting back home, a person is more likely to watch a video than read a book.

-More Engaging Activities 

There are a whole lot of social activities that come with movies, hardly do you hear people go on a reading date because reading most times is an individual activity but with a movie, the story is different. You can always hang out with family members seeing a movie.

-Let us watch it again

It is much easier to watch a movie over and over again than to read a book over and over again. Personally, I have seen some movies over and over again. One such movie is F.R.I.E.N.D.S

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This is a tough one though because I enjoy movies as well as I enjoy reading books. I feel each one of them has a mood in which they are appreciated for their uniqueness. One can't just let go of 1 and pick the other. Both of them are quite unique
This is quite a topic to debate on for real. But I will definitely go with movie. Just my personal decision 😊. I alway will choose seeing a movie to reading the book. I'd like to see those who are with books
I personally enjoy reading novels due to the details it gives to events Most movies just skip a whole lot of scenarios due to limited resources to available
Everyone has their preference but I believe that books are better than movies. Movies may seem to be fun and entertaining but a lot of information and details are edited out due to constraints of time, money and other resources. A book can easily develop and explain complex plot settings, character depths, among other things which can be difficult to achieve in a movie. Try finding a good movie based on a book, watch the movie then read the book, you will be shocked by the emptiness of the movie compared to the book.