Essay on Technology

14 Dec 2022

For years, experts have debated this issue. Furthermore, while technology has come a long way in making human life easier, its negative aspects cannot be overlooked. Over time, technological advancement has resulted in a significant increase in pollution. Furthermore, pollution has become a primary source of many health problems. Moreover, it has isolated people rather than connecting them to society. Above all, it has robbed the working class of many jobs.

Understanding of Technology and Science

They are two very separate areas, but they are interconnected. We can also produce new innovations and technological instruments thanks to scientific contributions. Aside from that, laboratory research contributes significantly to the advancement of technology. On the other hand, technology broadens the scope of science.

Vital Part of our Life

Technology, which is always growing, has become an integral element of our daily life. Furthermore, emerging technologies are dominating the market by storm, and consumers are quickly adapting to them. Above all, technical improvement has resulted in national growth and development.

Negative Aspect of Technology

While technology is beneficial, it is not without its drawbacks. Technology, too, has two sides: good and harmful. Here are a few of the disadvantages of technology that we will discuss:


As all new tech industrialization increases it gives birth to many pollutions like air, water, soil, and noise. They also cause a variety of health problems in animals, birds, and humans.

Exhaustion of Natural Resources

Because new technology necessitates new resources, the equilibrium is thrown off. This will eventually lead to the overexploitation of natural resources, disrupting the natural equilibrium.


Many workers can be replaced by a single machine. Furthermore, machines may operate continuously for several hours or days without pausing. As a result, many people have lost their jobs, increasing unemployment.

Types of Technology

In general, we rate technology on the same scale, but in fact, technology is classified into several categories. This encompasses computer technology, industrial technology, architectural technology, creative technology, and many more fields. Let us take a quick look at these technologies.

Industrial Technology

This technology organizes machine manufacturing engineering and manufacturing technology. This also simplifies and improves the manufacturing process.

Creative Technology

This procedure encompasses art, advertising, and product design, all of which are created using the software. 3D printers, virtual reality, computer graphics, and other wearable technology are also included.

Information Technology

This technology employs telecommunications and computers to deliver, receive, and store data. The finest example of information technology is the Internet.

Everything we utilize in our everyday lives now is a technological gift without which we could not envision our existence. Furthermore, we cannot deny that it has caused significant damage to our environment.


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