Sadness has a face

20 Mar 2023

Once more, it took place.
Whenever I had the impression that nothing could possibly go wrong, that everything would be OK, that there was no need for concern, and that everything was ideal.

But it didn't last, just like those past times.

Another life experience, another puzzle piece, slowly finishing and revealing itself.
I've been hoping to see your face.

The face I've been waiting for, the face I've been mindful of, the face I was always aware of.

Unexpectedly made visible to my eyes and heart.
Even though it was expected, I'm nevertheless astonished as I look.

I was able to comprehend that this is what I was meant to learn while remaining calm, patient, warm, silent, and soothing.

Was sent to clearly understand what is going on.
Not a game, but rather another logically humane way of life, another thing I must get used to.

And when the end comes abruptly, I'll be able to declare with pride that I gained some life experience.
I'm happy to mention that I gained knowledge from you.

I'm glad to say that I discovered the face and saw it.
I'm proud to report that you introduced, fed, and supported that face.

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