My mobile (Part 2)

14 Oct 2022

Now it's time to party enjoy the movement , finally my friend had buy a new phone it's was a I phone 14 pro 128gb it's so expensive but he had this phone I so for his mobile after Very struggling he have a phone I can't express his feelings hi is so happy and I am also happy let it be it's happy movement we enjoy his party , we all friend meet and decided we want a smal party form he gives me and iam invited all friends we go to hotel and order want we wanted a starter and order a soup and after some want's chicken biryani and some want's pannier because in my group three or four members are veg in every minute my friend wants some water and onion and lemon and veter gets angry but we will manage a veter and manager because of our crowd veter said it's my work and iam happily working here so we stop a veters topic now we our dinner is start again my 3 or 4 friend are in behind me because they are veg and me and my 5 friend's are non veg they don't have any non veg touch in there plates because they said it's not ligel for me may family are pure vegetarian they don't know iam with you and eat together but it's ok why they should ask where are and what are doing in late night and come home we want the right now here  but it's my friends family matter we can't do anything in his family problems and any other problem we all are support them but its family matter we skip his matter and continue to eat and after some time we eat all chicken biryani and other are eat sushi pannier all are done . Now it's time to take a selfie with his apple phone it's tooks a very clearly and my friends doing a such comedy things we laugh together so happly our party bill is tow thousand and eight hundred 2800rs  it's more than our budget because he carried only a  one thousand and five hundred only 1500 rs only he buy a new mobile and he nad no more money we will country again and again because of our friendship our friendship is so great full and we cheared up and dancing in the middle off road hey we dancing I don't know but we dancing together and after country he paid all bill and he come from bill counter and said all done ... Party is over now but one thing is important we are smoke today and not also drink, 1st we are not smoked and not drinked today now its peaceful day for our friendship after a some time we all are so happy but my one friend said  we are smoke today but we drink cold drink today we go to farmfood and buy a 9 coca cola bottle it's price is only 20rs it's a wonderful day we all have, we go to hostel and we take a rest  and sleep well...

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