Is meditation necessary

26 Nov 2022

Every person in the world is looking for something. But nothing is found. Some don't even know what they're looking for. Some are in search of inner peace and harmony. In this quest, they encounter anxiety, much confusion and many difficulties and dissatisfactions. Many people search the wrong way. They look for answers to their questions in the outside world, family, colleagues, friends, work area. They think that they will be happy if the external condition changes, and even if the condition changes, they do not become happy.

He has turned his attention to his own mind, the source of joy and happiness. Centered towards inner humanity. is diverted to meditation.

Today meditation is attracting people of all castes and religions. Why is this happening? because 
The mind is not attached to any religion. Meditation teaches us how to understand the mind and use it in life. The key to happiness and unhappiness is the mind. The main task of religion is to understand the mind and use it properly in practice. Anyone can meditate without being labeled with any religion.

Benefits of meditation

In the era of rat competition, man has to struggle a lot for happiness. So why meditation? Meditation has some benefits.

1. Continuous working stress relief

For those with anxiety forever or

A temporary peace

3. Facing endless questions and difficulties

The power to give. Confidence. 4.

5. Because of the clear awareness of object quantities

Freedom from fear

Internal solutions.
Some practical value in religious principles


Knowing that 8. Depressed by vague understanding of objects

And the folly of those who are disappointed

will feel

9. Increase in student memory more effective study.

10. The true nature of wealth is clear to the rich

Proper use for self and others


11. There is no contentment among the poor and hatred towards others as more. 12. Young people are determined at the crossroads of life

Motivation to move towards a goal. 13. Relieving grief by seeing the depths of life to the despondent elderly.

14. Act on impetuousness. 15. Help recognize the danger in hatred.

16. Emancipation from the slavery of the senses and mastery over them.
17. 17. Get rid of addiction.

18. From ignorance to wisdom.

19. Your feelings are yours

Will not make fools and wisdom to the wise. 20. The true vision of things.

There are many other benefits of meditation which cannot be bought in the market. Through meditation practice

Available for free.

Pre-preparation for meditation

Quiet neighborhood suitable for newcomers. Do not frequently change your own room or garden, once fixed.

Depending on the progress of meditation, you can meditate anywhere

can do Every place has a place of meditation for you. Time determination

You should practice regular meditation according to your own schedule. Anything in the world will get in the way of your problems, worries
It should be resolved that no. As you progress, each time will be suitable for meditation practice.

Moment by moment meditation will be with us, becoming an integral part of daily life. Trainer determination

If you need someone to guide you, it's hard to find a teacher trained in meditation. A friend who meditates regularly can be your guide. A book, article or discourse by a suitably experienced practitioner on meditation can be a teacher. Remember that your teacher will not meditate for you, or take the experience, the memory and concentration generated by your meditation can become your teacher, so your teacher will be with you. seat

You can meditate in Ardha Padmasana or Purna Padmasana, in a chair with a straight back

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