Hunted! The Finale

2 Aug 2022

Photo Rhett Noonan
Before I jump into the results of the HUNTED Finale,  please take the time to review the earlier articles so you are up to speed. 
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Napes, Hunted! - week 2 on the run
Napes, Hunted! - the final stretch
The finale saw the remaining three fugitives trying to get to their extraction point to win a share of the $100,000 prize.

With Jacob Rob and Stathi still on the run each fugitive were on their own waiting to find the details of their extraction point. The catch, when they called to get the details, the Hunters would be notified of their location.   

Jacob traversed to a car from a friend he recently met after he made the phone call. He then returned to a friends place who was on the Hunters radar and when the Hunters came knocking He ran then tried to hide, then ran again and was caught by the Hunters. His down fall was returning to a known contact and should have continued on the run as he had a few minutes head start.

Rob was dressed as a woman and used the burner phone he and Jacob had from the start, to find the location of the extraction. Cameras were all around and he was soon identified. Rob perhaps could have moved to a more crowded location where his disguise would have kept him “hidden in plain sight”.  He moved to a location about 30 kms from the extraction point on the final night and a short trip, aiming to continue to avoid the Hunters. 

Stathi, who With Matt displayed some great tactics early. He made the call and got a $220 cab fare to a location about 7km from the extraction site enlisting the help of some random strangers who provided accomodation and transport closer to the site. He waited, watching and left full speed to the evacuation point.

Stathi and Rob had both successfully evaded the Hunters for 21 days, made it safely to the extraction point and each winning a share of the $100k.

The hunters tried a last ditch effort and had our family
in stitches when they were heard yelling at the helicopter to stop on several occasions whilst running at full pace towards the chopper

Maybe they though the Helicopter would stop. 😂😂

Hunted, a reality TV series or social experiment was fun to watch, great to see the different tactics on display and in a way, alarming with the knowledge
of how our digital footprints can be used and are used to track and monitor each and everyone’s movements.

that’s the end folks hope you enjoyed the series and found the posts interesting.  


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[2] Napes, 'Hunted! Reality TV or Something more..'., (online, July 2022)
[3] Napes, 'Hunted! Week 1 Review, (online, July 2022) 
{4} Napes, Hunted! - week 2 on the run

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Great hunted sireus loved a lot. Thanks
Wow it has such an epic ending. I've heard a lot about this series but I never really had the zeal to watch it. After reading this your article, I've made up my mind to watch it. Thanks for sharing.
Napes I thought that it was pretty funny at the end when the hunters were telling the helicopter to stop😂. All around this was a great show interested for next years season.
south coast surfer
I didn’t get a chance to watch this experiment - was it popular and do you think they’ll run it again? It’ll be interesting to see if it goes down like a lot of those reality shows - instead of focusing on renovating rooms, they argue with each other and fall out, or instead of the food they cook and present, it’s about who has the least amount of wrinkles?
The final confrontation between Chaz and Katherine says a lot about her character. Even after the death of her brother and nephew, she chooses to continue the game rather than mourn their loss. She revealed to Chaz that the “hunt” has been going on for centuries and will continue still.
Am your perdition was also right. And the sathi won. Congrats.
The hunted is a great series
So Stathi won!! Your prediction came true!