Passion And Madness !

19 Apr 2024

In this world of friends, everyone wants to be successful. To be successful, many people believe that a better idea is needed.

In today's time, every person has many ideas, but only a few percent of people work on those ideas. Having ideas is not enough, it takes passion and madness to fulfill those ideas.

If a person wants to climb the stairs of success in his life, then he should have a passion to move forward which cannot stop him from moving forward even if he wants to.

Friends, in this world, history is created only by those people who are crazy about their work. Today we have tell about such a motivational story of madness and passion. After reading this you will know that to actually be successful, madness and passion are required. Success without madness is uncertain. That is why you must read this story till the end.If you want to be successful then definitely read this.
Today's story is about a person who is less educated and used to work in an electronic company. In his spare time, that person makes a circuit based on his ideas, which he shows to his boss and says that this circuit is much better than the old circuit.

We can make it and sell it in the market but the owner says that this circuit is useless, it is of no use to us. Don't waste your time unnecessarily. Be careful with your time.

But that person had full confidence in that circuit and he thought that it was the best circuit and he decided that he would make this circuit even better and sell it in the market.

After this, the person left the job in that company and after collecting some money, started working from home and set up a small factory in the house itself. After this he starts making the circuit by himself and tries to sell the circuit by going to different places.

But no one buys his circuit. After this the person's expenses stop. That person does not have any money to run the house and in the end he runs his house by mortgaging some of his belongings. His friends and relatives start laughing at him.

And they call him crazy that he left such a good job and concentrated on making useless things. But that person did not lose courage and one day that person gets orders for 2000 circuits. After which the life of that person changes completely and after that the person keeps getting orders continuously.

Moral of Story –

The story teaches us that if you have any better idea in life and with the help of that idea you can prepare a good quality product, then if not today then tomorrow that product definitely comes in front of people. That's why no matter how difficult things may be in life.

You should focus on your work and if you have faith in yourself then you will definitely get success. Friends, you all must have heard the name of Thomas Alva Edison, the inventor of the bulb. He invented the bulb on the strength of his passion.

He had 1000 failures in the invention of the bulb but he had come to know how to achieve success. When you do any work with full passion, your entire energy goes in one direction. Because of which you can easily focus on your goal.

Friends, passion is such a fire. If you apply it once and focus on it then no one can stop you from being successful but let us tell you for your information that you cannot achieve success just by having passion.

You should be able to focus on your goal with passion. You should know how to complete your important tasks on time. One should know how to manage time properly. Apart from this, whatever field you want to succeed in, you should learn from people of that field.

If you can do this then it becomes very easy for you to be successful. Today we have shared “Story” with you. In which we have told you a very inspiring story of passion. If you also want to achieve success in life, then you will have to develop passion within yourself.

Apart from this, if you want to read such inspirational stories, then please let us know by commenting. In the upcoming articles, we will bring such great inspirational stories for you. If you liked this article then please share this article with your friends and relatives.

~ Thank You

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