Squawks the bird

2 Mar 2023

There once was a bird with a funny beak, Who loved to sing and squawk and speak. He'd chirp and tweet and whistle a tune, And sometimes even dance under the moon.
One day, he met a fox in the woods, Who said, "Your beak is long, that's no good! You need to sharpen it to a point, So you can hunt and gather and anoint."
The bird was hesitant at first, But he decided to quench his thirst. He sharpened his beak on a rock, And thought, "This will help me find food in stock."
But when he tried to eat a worm, He found that his beak was too firm. He couldn't catch the food he needed, And his beak was sore and bleeding.
So the bird decided to be himself, And put his beak back on the shelf. He sang and danced and chirped with glee, And realized that's where he was meant to be.
So if you see a bird with a funny beak, Singing and dancing and feeling so chic, Just remember that being yourself is the key, To living a happy and carefree life, that's the guarantee!

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