The Protocols of Elders of the Zion. Part-1

17 Nov 2023

It was world war 1 time when Nicholas-2 get defeated from Japanese and almost was in sacking position. Russia was on back foot and draw it's forces from international waters due to that defeat. Same time an internal incident happened which no body noticed initially but within the years it becomes a solugan for considering people.

A group of individuals published first time a White paper with protocols of the Zion. It was 1903 when it comes out first time but in 1905 these protocols gets a shape of book and then untill now almost in every laungauge these paper translated.

Untill the last decade of last century most of people took it as fake and scammed type protocols and not put any attention on it but when lot of things started happen exactly in back theme of these protocols, people started evaluation research about it. Lot of authentic, historical researchers and practitioners are surprised how things falling according to these protocols. Don't mess up things in perspective of ethical or religious background, it is above to all .

These are 10 comprehensive protocols with huge details and back ground. I took 5 as part one here and let see what are these protocols.

The Protocols of the elders of Zion.

  1. We will get unbeatable power so secretly , even most cleverest person on earth will not be able to stand Infront of us.

👉 Check who is ruling the world? Just one example that 70% of total wealth is in ownership to RothsChild family directly or indirectly. They can poked to king Charles and Pope bows to him.
What Noam Chomsky has view over it , listen him.

2. We will control the media fully and no one will be allowed to put any news without our permission.
👉 what is going on today ? How they portrait The weapons of mass destruction and how Arab democracy phobia created. They claim that they are not part of Tesla or X but chatgpt is another weapon in completion of agenda set in those protocols.

3- We will engage the world in baseless idealogy, satan friendly games and time consuming entertainment. We will reshape their priority so they will not be able to use their own wisdom.
👉 look around you and think how swiftly we have stuck in the swamps of media.

4. We will create economical crises world wide which will freeze the whole world,s economy. We will put labourers on streets to make uneven situations for governments.
👉 Just imagine, you get up early in the morning and listen that there is a cyber attack on banking system world wide and destroyed it fully. What will happen? No payments, no trade and no financial activities. Further more within a week people will start slaughter each other by hunger.

5. We will create monopolies everywhere . when political conflicts will rise , they will destroy themselves and their people. Then we will sell / buy / own what we want and on what we put terms on.
👉 what international financial support doing through IMF , WB and NGOs in most of countries. How they plant the puppets in governments and remove the government when they not obey them.

6. We will control the wealth and no one will able to rise again. Only slaves and beggers will be there.
👉 Just check the wealth level of BlackRock and vanguard. More then 5 trillion dollars worth have these two investment funds with affiliation of 200 companies world wide.

That's all for today. The second part of these protocols will be published soon . Like , thumb up to wow and leave comments for feedback.

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How things written a century ago , provings set by set and point by point right. I surprised totally!!
Rich history of zion people
incredible history and approach of people to future.