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26 Mar 2022

If you are like me and have gone down the crypto rabbit hole, then you likely have multiple crypto apps on your phone. The same applies for investing in equities, with many serving a different need, like micro-investing, US investing etc...

For the avid investor that knows diversification is key for long term wealth creation, this leads to multiple apps in your phone. Not only does this make it harder to track your overall position, but it also makes it difficult come tax time.

With the recent explosion of Crypto platforms like Swyftx, Digital Surge & Binance in Australia posting some huge user numbers. I am extremely surprised that no crypto platform has tried to make the leap to providing equity investing.

On the flip side, platforms like Revolut, Stake and Robinhood in the US have gone from offering only Equities, to also providing Crypto investing. Here comes the rise of the Investment Super App. All of my investment opportunities in one platform, sounds like a great solution.

It is interesting to note, that it's a lot easier for investing platforms to offer crypto investing than the other way round. This is because of the required licenses for Equity investing, whereas Crypto platforms only require a Digital Currency Exchange licence, which is a lot easier to get.

Even though Stake and Revolut are going to offer crypto, I don't think it will be as good as what Swyftx provides. For example staking rewards on Swyftx are very impressive. I would love to see Swyftx get into offering equities to compete with Stake and Revolut for the title of Investment Super App.

What do you guys think? Will a Crypto platform be able to get licensed and then compete to become an Investment Super App?

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MBA ChitChat
I think its more likely that the equity apps like Robinhood to include cryto trading as an add on service, rather than a Cryto platform would include equity trading as an add on service, because Cryto platform is still too small in trading volume compare to equity trading.
Great article! One thing to know is that increasingly people are using these super apps simply to "buy" crypto in fait currency, and then transferring crypto out to a hard wallet. Actual Crypto on exchanges is declining at a rapid rate and I feel like consumers should be careful of putting all their crypto on a singular exchange!!
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