6 Free Yet Binge-Worthy Blogs For You to Read on The Internet

30 Mar 2024

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I love reading books. But sometimes, I’m not in the mood for a book; I’m in the mood to read something that finishes quickly and yet leaves me inspired, educated, entertained, or hopeful. At those times, I turn to blogs.
Besides that, being a writer, by compulsion, I have to read a lot of different blogs so that I can find ideas for my own articles. After all, artists are supposed to steal like artists.
Hence, in the eight months that I’ve been a writer, I’ve encountered some truly binge-worthy blogs. Whenever I feel uninspired, I turn to one of the following to get my juices flowing.
If you’re looking for the good stuff to read on the internet, rest assured, these blogs won’t disappoint you.

The School of Life

This is, by far, my favourite website to read on.
The School of Life is an educational company founded by writers and thinkers, including authors like Alain de Botton. It is an organisation built to help people find calm, resilience, self-awareness and connection.
It’s a large company that has schools and programmes all over the world. It’s also its own publishing house, having published 50+ books to date. And The School of Life blog is definitely a paradise for readers. They have thousands of articles for you to binge on divided into six categories —

  • Self-Knowledge
  • Relationships
  • Work
  • Calm
  • Sociability
  • Leisure & Culture

All the articles are written in a soothing voice that will make you fall in love with them. If you’re looking to learn some profound truths about life, then your search is over. The School of Life is the place to go.

Zen Pencils

Zen Pencils was founded by Galvin Aun Than. When Galvin struggled in his career as a cartoonist, he used to motivate himself using many inspirational quotes and stories. And then he had a wonderful idea which led to the birth of Zen pencils.
Galvin took the very quotes that inspired him to change his life and combined those with his love for drawing, giving birth to Zen Pencils. In his blog, through the medium of eye-delicious comics, Galvin shares many important life lessons.
These comics are also accumulated to form a 2-part series of books. However, the books don’t have all the comics, especially the latest ones. But Galvin shares all of the comics on his website. I promise — the comics are so fun to read, and you learn so much at the same time — you won’t be disappointed.

Wait But Why

Waitbutwhy is a blog by Tim Urban whose TED talk is the 5th most-watched TED talk of all time. If you have watched his TED talk, you know how funny Tim really is — and that shows in his blogposts. Besides that, Tim draws truly adorable 5th grade(ish) stick-figure doodles — as he likes to call them — that go along with his articles.
The website is a long-form blog covering topics like procrastination, outer space, AI, politics, and pretty much anything Tim feels like writing about. They started with the slogan “New posts every Monday and Thursday”, But as the blogposts became longer and longer, the slogan evolved from “New posts every Tuesday” to “New posts every Tuesday(ish)” to finally “New posts every sometimes”. So yeah, if you like their posts, I highly recommend signing up for their newsletter to know when something new is out.


Vox Media is a company that explains the news and beyond. They feel that there is so much going around the world, yet the people don’t really understand much of it. Mostly because there’s way too much information, but not nearly as much context. They aim to remove the noise from the overwhelming information and bring true insights to people.
Their blog has posts talking about energy, the environment, politics, celebrities, technology, science, health and more. And each one of their pieces is without a doubt high on quality. My favourite part of their website is the explainers — which turn the complexity of important topics into simplified insights that people can take home.
If you ever want to understand our world better, Vox will deliver.


I love everything about TED. In case you didn’t know, TED is about ideas worth sharing. And TEDed is about lessons worth sharing. TEDed is on a mission to change how we learn and educate ourselves in the new world. And with their name-drop-worthy list of advisors like Jackie Bezos, Melinda Gates, late Sir Ken Robinson, Salman Khan, etc., TEDed is doing great things.
And among their many, many initiatives, one accessible to everyone is the TEDed blog. Whenever my inspiration pool runs dry, it’s a place I like to visit. And sure enough, not only do I get inspired, I return having learnt something profound about life.

Seth’s Blog

Seth Godin is a long-time American author and, without a doubt, one of the smartest people on this planet. Seth has written over 18 books. But he continues to share his wisdom on his blog. And one of the most impressive things about Seth is that he still continues to show up every day.
On his blog, every single day, he posts a little article that shares an idea that’s as smart as it can get. And that’s what I like about his blog the most. He cuts to the chase. He shares big ideas about creativity, marketing, success and life in general in just a few sentences, never failing to give the reader something to think about.
Trust me; if you want to be smarter and impress the pants off of people, you need to read Seth’s work.

Final Thoughts

Having a few blogs that are your go-to’s comes in handy. Why? Because then, when you have time, instead of scrolling through your Instagram feed, you can actually read on these websites and learn something. This enables you to stretch your mind and stay one step ahead of the game.
Try them out and figure out for yourself which ones you find worth coming back to. Then, add shortcuts for them to your home screen. And make it a habit to click on these instead of Instagram or Twitter. I promise your future self will thank you for it

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