Like sands of time

7 Mar 2023

When I look in the mirror, I see an unfamiliar face staring back.
Who is that person standing there with such gray hair and aged skin?
Are I the one?

My hair was brown yesterday.
My skin was flawless and evenly tanned.
My stance was upright and proud.
My voice was loud enough to call out.
It's me.

I could dance all night long till the morning light came up. After a brief nap, I would resume my morning walk.

Head to work with your eyes glowing.
Then, nothing about me was slow.
Was that the day prior?

I get up now whenever I can.
When I stretch, cramps start to appear.
I attempt to stand tall, but my arthritis causes me to sigh.

My waist is gone, and my butt sags.
I now shuffle across the grass.
My walker keeps me upright, but occasionally my butt still bumps into the pavement.

I am grateful that today has arrived.
I'm just bored; I don't have any tumors.
For both you and I, the life's blade slashes swiftly through the hours and days.

Yesterday, I had dreams.
When things were good, I could say things like, "Someday, when I'm old...
It was yesterday, though.

Then I realize that today has arrived and that I am looking in that mirror.
Don't you see how when I look in the mirror, my mother appears?

The hourglass of life starts at birth and will eventually come to a conclusion. When new generations are born over the course of time, new cultures will emerge.

And after glancing in that mirror one day
A young woman will spot a stranger there.
and wonder if she has been spotted somewhere.
A person with so many wrinkles and gray hair.

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